Gainful Employment

Purpose: This program prepares individuals to communicate proficiently in American Sign Language. The focus is on American Sign Language vocabulary, syntax, non-manual signals, and receptive skills.

Occupational Objectives: Provides prerequisites for ASL interpreting programs offered at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College or Northern Virginia Community College. The ASL interpreting programs would then prepare students for state and national certifying examinations for positions as interpreters with schools, colleges, and universities; local, state and federal agencies as well as medical, legal, mental health, employment and religious service providers.

Admission Requirements: In addition to general requirements for admission to the College, all entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading to aid in placing students in the appropriate courses. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses. An understanding of the English language is important in developing ASL skills.

American Sign Language Curriculum:

Degree Requirements   Credits
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
ASL 101 American Sign Language I 3
ASL 102 American Sign Language II 3
ASL 201 American Sign Language III 3
ASL 202 American Sign Language IV 3
ASL 125 History and Culture of the Deaf Community 3
Total Minimum Credits   16
Suggested Sequence of Courses: American Sign Language is taught in a four-semester sequence with each semester serving as a pre-requisite for the next: ASL 101, ASL 102, ASL 201, and ASL 202. ASL 125 may be taken any time after completing ASL 101.