Purpose: The curriculum is designed to meet the need for trained automotive diagnosticians. The student will learn skills in the areas of automotive transmission, manual drive train, climate control, and engine performance. This certificate program provides knowledge and skills in four Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) areas of certification recognized by the automotive industry. The student must complete satisfactory work experience and pass the ASE certification examinations to receive the official ASE certification.

Occupational Objectives: Automotive technician, state safety inspector, parts clerk, service writer, and service advisor.

Admission Requirements: In addition to general requirements for admission to the College, all entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading. Students with deficiencies must successfully complete appropriate developmental course work before they receive the career studies certificate.

Prerequisites: Students must either complete MTE 1-3 or a satisfactory score on the appropriate proficiency examination.

NOTE: All new students must take AUT 100 in the first semester.

Automotive Diagnostician Curriculum:

Degree Requirements   Credits
AUT 100 Introduction to Automotive Technology 2
AUT 121 Automotive Fuel Systems I 4
AUT 122 Automotive Fuel Systems II 4
AUT 141 Auto Power Trains I 4
AUT 236 Automotive Climate Control 4
AUT 241 or 290 Automotive Electrical I or Automotive Internship 4
AUT 245 Automotive Electronics 4
Total Minimum Credits   26