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Business Management

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

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Purpose: The major in Business Management is designed for individuals who are seeking full-time employment in business management or management-related fields upon completion of the program. Persons who are seeking their first employment in these fields and those who are presently employed and seeking promotion may benefit from the program.

Occupational Objectives: Management Trainee, Branch Manager, Supervisor, Administrative Assistant, Department Head, Office Manager, Account Manager, Manager of a Small Business

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the College, entry into the Management program requires proficiency in high school English and mathematics. All entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading to aid in placing students in the appropriate courses. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses..

Program Requirements: The curriculum includes general education courses and business-related courses. Instruction includes both theoretical concepts and practical applications needed for success in the business and management field. The student is urged to consult with a counselor and his/her faculty advisor in planning a program. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the graduate will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science degree.


Degree RequirementsCredits

Student Development SDV 100 or any approved SDV course1

English ENG 1113

Mathematics/Natural Sciences Any MTH, BIO, CHM, ENV, NAS, GOL, or PHY3

Health/Physical Education Any HLT or PED course(s)1 2

Humanities Any course from ART, ENG (Literature), HUM, MUS, PHI, REL or Foreign Language3

Social Sciences ECO 120 or ECO 201, and any course from ECO2, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY or SOC6

Communication BUS 2363

Major Requirements ACC 211-212, 7

      BUS 100, 121-122, 200, 201, 205, and 241, 21

      BUS 220 or FIN 215, 3

      MKT 100 3

Business Related Electives Any two additional courses from ACC, BUS, ECO2, FIN, or MKT6

Other Requirements ITE 11533

General Elective Any course 100 level or higher3

Total Minimum Credits67

Suggested Scheduling

First Year


SDV 1001

BUS 1003

BUS 1213

ENG 1113

MKT 1003

MTH/Science Elective3

Total Credits16


BUS 1223

BUS 2003

General Elective3

Health/Physical Education1

ITE 1153

BUS 2363

Total Credits16

Second Year


ACC 2114

ECO 120 or ECO 2013

BUS 2013

Business Related Elective3

BUS 2413

Humanities Elective3

Total Credits19


ACC 2123

BUS 2053

Business Related Elective3

Social Science Elective3

Health/Physical Education1

BUS 220 or FIN 2153

Total Credits16

1 Veterans may be awarded credit for military experience to meet this requirement.
2 ECO 120 and ECO 201-202 contain similar course content. Students should take either ECO 120 or ECO 201-202 unless they plan to take all three courses. Students may not receive credit for ECO 120 if they have already completed both ECO 201 and ECO 202.
3 Students who pass the Computer Competency Test must select another course from either ACC, BUS, ECO2, FIN, or MKT.

Students graduating from this program will be required to participate in a general education outcomes assessment during their last semester.