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This curriculum is designed to provide skills and knowledge to prepare the student to take the certification test for becoming a certified Nurse Aide in Virginia.

Occupational Objective:

Upon completion of this curriculum and certification by the Virginia Board of Nursing, individuals will be eligible for employment in a variety of health care settings.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements include high school graduation or GED, an English 111 eligible score on the college placement test, and completion of MTE 1-2. *Students who desire progression into any other advancing levels of nursing must take MTE 1-4. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses and must have successfully completed the following courses prior to registering for HCT courses:

  • SDV 100 and ITE 115 may be taken while developmental studies are being completed.

A prospective student with a felony/misdemeanor conviction needs to see the HCT course instructor/program advisor. Certain convictions will prevent an individual from being certified as a nurse aide in Virginia and other states.

The program requires additional expenditures for the student’s health assessment, immunizations, urine drug screen, criminal background check, student liability, uniforms, supplies, and equipment, which are required for clinical assignments in HCT 101 and HCT 102.

Nurse Aide Curriculum:

Total Minimum Credits 16
Program RequirementsDescriptionCredits
SDV 101Orientation to Nursing and Healthcare2
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts3
HCT 101Health Care Technician I14
HCT 102Health Care Technician II23
HCT 119Advanced Health Care Technician 4



SDV 1012
ITE 1153
Total Credits


HCT 1014
HCT 1023
Total Credits7


HCT 1194
Total Credits
Total Minimum Credits16

1 HCT 101 and HCT 102 must be taken during the same semester.  A student may choose to take only HCT 101 and HCT 102 and upon completion of these two courses, be a candidate to take the Nurse Aide in Virginia certification test. Students who choose this route will not receive the career studies certificate.  However, students who are planning to explore career ladder opportunities to become a LPN or RN are advised to complete the Nurse Aide Career Study Certificate courses.