Announcement:  A majority of support services will be closed on Fridays from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m for staff professional development.  


This program is designed to enhance the professional qualifications and leadership skills of supervisory personnel through continuing career studies. This program of study is also appropriate for those persons who seek to become supervisors within business or industry.

Occupational Objectives

First Line Supervisor, Mid-level Manager.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements established for the College, entry into the Supervision Career Studies Certificate program requires proficiency in high school English and mathematics. All entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading to aid in placing students in the appropriate courses. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses. Students are urged to consult with counselors or faculty advisors in planning their programs.


Individuals successfully completing this Career Studies Certificate program may continue their studies and earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management.

Supervision Curriculum:

Total Minimum Credits 18
Program RequirementsDescriptionCredits
BUS 100Introduction to Business3
BUS 200Principles of Management 3
BUS 111Principles of Supervision3
BUS 236Communication in Management3
ITE 1151Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts3
Business-Related ElectiveAny course from ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN, or MKT3

All courses in this program can be used towards an AAS degree in Business Management.

 1 Students who pass an approved Computer Competency exam may select another course from ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN, or MKT to replace ITE 115.