Gainful Employment

Purpose: This program is designed for students who wish to study basic engineering principles; it prepares students for entry-level positions as engineering technicians and technical assistants to the professional engineer in many of the construction fields.

Occupational Objectives: Draftsman, CADD Operator, Technical Assistants, Construction Field Assistants.

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the College, all entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading to aid in placing students in the appropriate courses. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses. Students are urged to consult with counselors or faculty advisors in planning their programs.

Engineering Technology Curriculum:

Program Requirements   Credits
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
MTH 115 or MTH 1641 Technical Math I or Precalculus II 3
CAD 151 Engineering Drawing Fundamentals I 3
CAD 201 Computer Aided Drafting and Design I 3
CAD 202 Computer Aided Drafting and Design II 3
EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering 2
Total Minimum Credits   17

1 MTH 164 has a prerequisite of MTH 163