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IST: Information Management or Network Security

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

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Purpose: The Information Systems Technology (IST) curriculum has been designed to prepare students for employment in the information and computer technology fields. The program’s required classes will introduce the student to areas in information systems management or network security.

Occupational Objectives: Web Page Designer and JAVA Programming, Network Security Technician, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst, Business (E-commerce) Application Specialist.

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the College, entry into the Associate of Applied Science degree program in Information Systems Technology requires proficiency in high school English and mathematics. All entering students will be required to take placement tests in math, writing, and reading to aid in placing students in the appropriate courses. Students who do not meet required placement levels must enroll in developmental studies courses.

Program Requirements: The curriculum includes required technical courses in information systems and general education courses. Instruction includes theoretical concepts along with hands-on experience required to master the skills needed for successful preparation for employment. Students are urged to consult with a curriculum advisor in planning the program and selecting areas for concentrated study. Technical/computer classes over five years old cannot be used as transfer credits. In addition, students who have been readmitted into the college must have computer courses that are over five years old re-evaluated.


Degree RequirementsCredits

Student DevelopmentSDV 100 or any approved SDV course1

English ENG 111-1126

Mathematics MTH 163 (recommended) or any math course, MTH 120 or higher 13

Health/Physical Education Any HLT or PED course(s)22

Humanities Any course from ART, ENG(Literature), HUM, MUS, PHI, REL, or Foreign Language3

Social Sciences Any two courses from ECO3, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY4, or SOC56

Communication BUS 236, CST 100, or CST 1103

General Education Requirements24

IST Program Core

ITD 110Web Design I3

ITE 100Introduction to Information Systems3

ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts3

ITN 101 or ITN 154Intro to Local Area Networking or Fundamentals of Networking 3-4

ITN 260Security Basics3

ITP 100Software Design3

ITP 120JAVA Programming3

ITP 251System Analysis and Design3

ITP 258 or ITP 290Systems Development Project or Coordinated Internship3

IST Core Total (Minimum)27-28

The student should choose either the Information Management OR the Network Security study concentration.

Information Management (Choose Minimum of 15 credits from courses offered)

ITD 130 Database Fundamentals3

ITD 210Web Design II3

ITD 220E-Commerce Administration 3

ITE 160 or MKT 100Introduction to E-Commerce or Principles of Marketing3

ITE 180Help Desk Support Activities3

ITP 140Client Scripting3

Information Management Concentration Total Minimum Credits15

Network Security (Choose a minimum of 15 credits form course offerings)

ITN 124Wireless Network Administration3

ITN 155 or ITN 208Introduction to Routing or Protocols and Communications 4

ITN 261Network Attacks, Computer Crime and Hacking4

ITN 263 Intranet/Internet Firewalls and E-Commerce4

ITN 276 Computer Forensics I4

ITN 277Computer Forensics II4

Network Security Concentration Total Minimum Credits15

Total Degree Credits66-67

Suggested Scheduling

First Year


SDV 1001

ITE 1153


Social Sciences Elective3

ENG 1113

MTH 120 or higher3

BUS 236, CST 100 or CST 110 3

Total Credits17

First Year-Spring

ITE 100 3

ENG 112 3

ITN 1013

ITP 1003

ITD 1103

Total Credits15

Second Year

Info. Management Study Concentration


Social Sciences Elective3

ITP 120 3

ITN 260 3


Information Management Electives6

Total Credits16


ITP 2513

Humanities Elective3

ITP 2583

Information Management Electives9

Total Credits18

Network Security Study Concentration


Sociology Elective 3

ITP 120 3

ITN 2603


Network Security Electives7

Total Credits17


ITP 2513

ITP 258 or ITP 2903

Network Security Electives8

Humanities Elective3

Total Credits17

Students Wishing to Transfer Credits: Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology is not designed to be a transfer program. Students may, however, substitute some classes to aid in transfer. Students should check with the college to which they plan to transfer for classes that are accepted by that institution.

1 Students considering transfer should check with anticipated four-year institution to determine appropriate MTH courses and/or sequences.
2 Veterans may be awarded credit for military experience to meet this requirement.
3 ECO 120 and ECO 201-202 contain similar course content. Students should take either ECO 120 or ECO 201-202 unless they plan to take all three courses. Students may not receive credit for ECO 120 if they have already completed both ECO 201 and ECO 202.
4 PSY 200 and PSY 201-202 contain similar course content. Students who take PSY 200 cannot receive credit for either PSY 201 or PSY 202. Students who take either PSY 201 or PSY 202 cannot receive credit for PSY 200. Also, students cannot receive credit for both PSY 235 and PSY 230.
5 SOC 200 and SOC 201-202 contain similar course content. Students who take SOC 200 cannot receive credit for either SOC 201 or SOC 202. Students who take either SOC 201 or SOC 202 cannot receive credit for SOC 200.

Students graduating from this program will be required to participate in a general education outcomes assessment during their last semester.