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Licensed Practical Nurses for Advanced Standing

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

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Licensed Practical Nurses for Advanced Standing Advising Checklist

The Advanced Standing (LPN to RN) applicant must meet the same admission requirements listed above. The LPN to RN applicant is not required to take the Preadmission Tests. However, if the LPN to RN applicant has not successfully completed the prerequisites biology, chemistry, and algebra within five years prior to applying to the nursing program, the LPN to RN applicant may demonstrate currency in these prerequisites by scoring at least at the 45th program percentile on Math, Science, Reading and English of the Nursing Preadmission Test or by successful completion of BIO 101, CHM 125, and MTE 1-4. The LPN to RN applicant must complete ITE 115 within the last five years or successfully complete the IC3 computer competency test prior to applying to the nursing program. The LPN to RN applicant must demonstrate application of knowledge of basic nursing concepts through performance on a standardized nursing achievement test. These tests are administered in the LPN to RN Transition Course. Applicant is responsible for the cost of the tests. Successful completion of the achievement test does NOT guarantee admission into the 200 level nursing program courses.

LPN to RN applicants must complete NUR 100, NUR 226, and NUR 115 within eighteen months prior to admission to program. LPN to RN applicants should complete the majority of general education courses in the associate degree prior to applying for admission with advanced standing into 200 level nursing courses. Applications for LPN to RN AAS nursing program are due by April 1 or November 1. Upon meeting all admission criteria, applicants’ transcripts and nursing test scores will be evaluated to determine readiness and priority for admission. The number of qualified LPN to RNs offered admission is contingent upon space available in classroom, nursing laboratory, the program’s access to sufficient clinical spaces in the region’s healthcare settings, and the number of qualified nursing faculty.

LPN to RN applicants offered admission must submit documentation of immunizations and other credentials including drug screen, liability insurance for RN nursing student , and health insurance as listed for students in the Associate in Applied Science: Nursing curriculum.


Degree RequirementsCredits

Student Development SDV 100 or any approved SDV course1

English ENG 111-1126

HumanitiesAny course from ART, ENG (Literature), HUM, MUS, PHI, REL, or Foreign (Any student desiring to take Literature must have taken ENG 112.) History and speech classes do not meet the humanities elective requirement3

Social Sciences PSY 230, SOC 200 6

Lab Sciences BIO 141-1428

ScienceBIO 1491

Major requirements in sequenceNUR 1151, 1001, 1351, 216, 217, 226, 245, and 25428

        Student will be awarded 13 credits for LPN Licensure and demonstration of proficiency as defined by the nursing faculty on standardized nursing achievement Tests 13

General PharmacologyHLT 250 3

Total Minimum Credits69

Suggested Scheduling

Advanced Standing students should complete the majority of general education course requirements prior to applying.


First Semester

BIO 1414

ENG 1113

PSY 2303

SOC 2003

SDV 100 or any approved

SDV course1

Humanities Elective3

Total Credits17

First Year

Second Semester

ENG 1123

BIO 1491

NUR 11513

NUR 10011

NUR 2262

NUR 1351

BIO 1424

Total Credits15

Second Year

Third Semester

NUR 2168

NUR 2453

HLT 2503

Total Credits14


NUR 2178

NUR 2542

Total Credits10

1 NUR 100, NUR 135, NUR 226, HLT 250and NUR 115 may be taken in other semesters. NUR 100, 135, 226 and HLT 250 may be taken by licensed LPNs who anticipate application to the nursing program within 18 months of application to the program.

Students graduating from this program will be required to participate in a general education outcomes assessment during their last semester.