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Academic Programs

Germanna Community College is a comprehensive institution of higher education offering programs of instruction generally extending no more than two years beyond the high school level. The College provides residents of the area with opportunities to pursue many educational goals. In addition, the College offers a strong counseling program and other services to students, all designed to assist students in making decisions regarding occupational, educational, and personal goals.

General Education Goals

General Education is that portion of the collegiate experience which addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values characteristic of educated persons. It is unbounded by disciplines and honors the connections among bodies of knowledge. Germanna Community College graduates will demonstrate competency in the following general education areas:

  • Communication: A competent communicator can interact with others using all forms of communication, resulting in understanding and being understood.
  • Critical Thinking: A competent critical thinker evaluates evidence and applies reasoning to decide what to believe and how to act.
  • Cultural and Social Understanding: A culturally and socially competent person possesses an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the interconnectedness of the social and cultural dimensions within and across local, regional, state, national, and global communities.
  • Information Literacy: A person who is competent in information literacy recognizes when information is needed and has the ability to locate, evaluate, and use it effectively.
  • Personal Development: An individual engaged in personal development strives for physical well-being and emotional maturity
  • Quantitative Reasoning: A person who is competent in quantitative reasoning possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to apply the use of logic, numbers, and mathematics to deal effectively with common problems and issues. A person who is quantitatively literate can use numerical, geometric, and measurement data and concepts, mathematical kills, and principles of mathematical reasoning to draw logical conclusion and to make well-reasoned decisions.
  • Scientific Reasoning: A person who is competent in scientific reasoning adheres to a self-correcting system of inquiry (the scientific method) and relies on empirical evidence to describe, understand, predict, and control natural phenomenon. The associate degree programs at Germanna Community College support a collegiate experience that focuses on the above definitions and attendant areas.

Programs of Instruction at Germanna Community College:


Programs designed for students to enter the workforce after completion. Some occupational-technical programs are accepted for transfer by four-year institutions. Please contact counseling or your advisor for more information.

College Transfer:

Programs designed for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs in four-year colleges and universities.

General Interest:

Courses designed to be meaningful to an individual in his/her development as a person, as a family member, and as a citizen. These courses may be taken as part of a program or separately for personal interest.

Developmental Studies:

Courses numbered 01-09 which help individuals obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in courses in occupational-technical or college transfer programs, to meet current and future job requirements, or to meet personal goals.

Distance Learning:

Germanna Community College is committed to providing access to its programs of study. Through Distance Learning, the College offers the following alternatives to traditional classroom-based instruction (

On-line Courses can be taken anywhere there is access to the Internet. These courses allow students to participate within a more flexible schedule, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. Students can communicate with their instructor and each other in a variety of ways, such as online discussion groups, virtual chat, e-mail, and telephone. Access to course materials is through the Blackboard course management system. Access to educational resources and support is available through Germanna’s Library, Student Services, and the Tutoring Center.

Hybrid Courses combine face-to-face and online instruction.

Interactive Courses These are live, two-way courses taken in the College’s Commonwealth Classrooms via the Virginia Distance Education Network (VDEN).The College has interactive video classrooms at all sites to bring courses simultaneously to students at any location. For more information about distance education at Germanna, students can talk to a counselor or faculty advisor, or they can go to the distance education website at

International Education: Since its inception, Germanna Community College has sought to globalize its curriculum through cross-cultural travel, faculty and student exchange, and international programs and activities. Germanna has encouraged students and faculty to participate in regularly offered extracurricular discussion groups and in credit and noncredit travel programs. Students and faculty have benefited from travel abroad to such places as India, Mexico, Central America, and Europe. Germanna Community College remains committed to increasing global awareness within its learning community.

Courses for Teacher Recertification: Some courses offered at Germanna Community College may be appropriate for persons seeking teacher recertification. All proposed course work taken to comply with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Certification Requirements for Teachers and for professional development must be approved by the teacher’s employer (school district principal or superintendent, as appropriate) prior to enrolling in these courses.

Special Training: Provided where specific employment opportunities are available for new or expanding industries; coordinated with Virginia’s economic expansion efforts and with the needs of employers.

Specialized Regional and Community Services: Noncredit programs, cultural events, workshops, meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, and special community projects which are designed to provide needed cultural and educational opportunities to the citizens of the area.

ODU Distance Learning Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Programs: Students can earn bachelor, master, and PhD degrees at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg through Distance Learning (DL).  DL is a partnership between Germanna Community College and Old Dominion University. Distance Learning students complete their first two years of course work at Germanna Community College. Old Dominion University provides the remaining course work at the Fredericksburg campus through satellite courses using state-of-the-art audio and video technologies.  In addition, some classes are delivered via video streaming and online. A number of programs use two-way audio and video via Polycom connections to home computers. All modes of delivery allow students to interact with the professor and with other members of the class.

The following Bachelor degrees are available: The following Bachelor degrees are available:  Business Administration (Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, and Information Systems), Criminal Justice, Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Computer Science, Health Sciences (dental hygiene, Human services), Human Services, Interdisciplinary Studies (Teacher Prep PK-6, Special Education with Licensure, Professional Studies), Communications, Nursing—RN to BSN, Professional Writing, Work and Professional Studies, and Occupational Technical Studies( industrial training, training specialist). Teacher re-certification courses are also available for in-service teachers. Teacher master/licensure is also available for those who have a Bachelor’s degree.

The following Master's programs are offered: The following Master’s programs are offered: Public Health (Health promotion and Education, Environmental), Counseling (school or mental), Prek-6 with licensure, Nursing—BSN to MSN (nurse educator, nurse leader, family nurse practitioner), Special Education.

The following doctoral programs are offered: Community College Leadership--PhD, Instructional Design & Technology—PhD , and Nursing Practice—DNP.

For more information, contact the ODU Distance Learning site at 540-834-1045 or come to FAC1, Room 108 at the Fredericksburg campus.