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Practical Nursing Program Site Option


Germanna Community College/Culpeper County Public School Practical Nursing Program Site Option

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Practical Nursing Program Site Option

The Germanna Community College Practical Nursing Program is offered at the Eastern View High School in Culpeper, Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center, as well as at the Locust Grove Campus. The Practical Nursing Program at Eastern View High School admits students from Eastern View High School, Culpeper County High School, Orange County High School, as well as qualified Germanna Community College Students. The program is the result of a partnership between Germanna Community College, Culpeper Regional Hospital, and Culpeper County Public Schools. Students who complete the two year program will receive the Practical Nursing Certificate from Germanna and will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (PNs).


High school applicant: High school biology with lab; high school chemistry with lab, high school algebra, and ENG 111 DE. Grades of “C” or better on the above courses are required. In addition, applicants must have an overall grade point average of at least 2.5. Applicant must complete the College’s placement tests with scores showing readiness for college-level reading, writing, and math courses. Applicant must take a nursing preadmission exam. Preferential consideration in the admission process will be given to students scoring at or above the 45th percentile on these standardized nursing preadmission tests. The applicant is responsible for the cost of the nursing preadmission tests. A criminal Background check is also required prior to admission and associated costs will be incurred by the student.

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High School Students' Schedule:

12 YearCredits

Human Anatomy
(NAS 150)1

Developmental Psychology
(PSY 230)1

Student Development
(SDV 100)1

Practical Nursing
(PNE 161)1

English 111/112
(Dual Enrollment)2

US Government

Total Minimum Credits16/19

After Graduation students will take the following courses at Germanna Community College:


ITE 115 or challenge exam


Maternity Nursing (PNE 130)13

Nursing and Health Changes II (PNE 162)111

Total Credits14


Trends in Practical Nursing (PNE 145)11

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (PNE 158)11

Nursing and Health Changes IV (PNE 164)110


Total Credits42

1 Practical Nurse Certificate Course
2 CCPS requires high school students who completed ENG 111 to enroll in ENG 112

Adult Students' Schedule: (At GCC Fall and/or Spring prior to admission to nursing program)

SDV 100 or SDV equivalent11

ENG 1113

NAS 150 3

PSY 230 2


Taken at Eastern View High School during the Spring semester. This class schedule is based on the Culpeper County School’s calendar.

PNE 16116

Taken at Germanna Community College:

2nd year fall and spring: PNE 130, 162, 145, 158, 16426


Total Credits42

Note: In order to graduate with the practical nursing certificate, the student must meet the college’s computer competency requirement. High school students must contact the guidance department to determine how to satisfy this requirement. Adult students must pass the college’s computer literacy skills challenge exam or an equivalent college computer literacy course within five years of applying to the nursing program.