Purpose: This curriculum is designed to prepare Licensed Practical Nurses to work as surgical scrub nurses, assisting surgeons in performing surgical procedures. Duties of the surgical scrub nurse may be performed in operating rooms, ambulatory centers, central supply, labor and delivery area, catheterization laboratories, private physicians’ offices, and other areas where invasive procedures are performed.

Occupational Objective: To obtain employment as a surgical scrub nurse in a variety of area health care agencies.

Admission Requirements: Licensed Practical Nurse in Virginia. The program requires additional expenditures for the student’s health assessment, immunizations, urine drug screen, criminal background report, student liability insurance, lab coat and program ID badges.

Surgical Scrub Nurse Curriculum:

Program Requirements Credits
BIO 149 Microbiology 1
HLT 143 Medical Terminology 3
NUR 142 Fundamentals of Surgical Care II 3
NUR 280 Introduction to Perioperative Nursing 4
NUR 281 Advanced Perioperative Nursing 5
Total Minimum Credits   16