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Distance Learning- Blackboard Operation Guidelines

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  • Online faculty must make all online courses available to students on the first day when classes begin (2nd 8-weeks online classes must be made available by faculty by the first day of 2nd 8-weeks classes begin). All Bb course for face-to-face classes should be made available by faculty to students on the first day of the class. Faculty are encouraged to make courses available as early as possible.
  • If any online courses are still unavailable by the afternoon of the first day of a semester, the Blackboard Administrator will supply a list to the Instruction Deans.
  • The list of unavailable face-to-face courses will be sent/reported the Instruction Deans after the first week of the classes.
  • All instructors should review and check to see if their shells are available. Any discrepancies should be reported at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the semester.
  • Once students are enrolled in a Blackboard class, they are automatically dropped if the student drops a class.
  • Student enrollment will be available two weeks prior to the beginning of a semester.
  • Student enrollment will be updated automatically every 24 hours.
  • Course shells will be made available to all instructors at least a month before the last day of previous semester.
  • Maximum staffing of classes will be completed a month prior so that all Blackboard shells reflect correct instructors.
  • Any exceptions to the original shells will be requested no later than 2 weeks prior to classes start. This means combining classes into one shell, creating new shells for labs etc.
  • Any new or different shells (i.e. Organizations) should also be requested with two weeks advance notification.
  • Instructors are responsible to make the course shell unavailable at the end of a semester.