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1. Computer & Computer Skills

To take an online course, there are some minimum requirements.

REMEMBER, these lists tell you what equipment and skills are generally needed for participating in an online course. You will need to check the course catalog and the course description for any additional requirements for individual courses, such as browser plugins or additional software.

:: If you need assistance with these skills, consider taking a computer basics course before beginning a distance learning program.

FIRST - Required Equipment and Access

A minimum computer system that will allow you to access all the tools in the course includes:

  • Windows XP, or newer; MacOS X or newer
  • At least:  1 GHz processor with 256MB RAM and 1GB free disk space
  • Dependable ISP and Internet Connection
  • Word Processing Program (Microsoft Word Preferred)
  • Internet Browser (see Browser Page)

SECOND - Required Computer Skills

  • Knowledge about your computer - what operating system it runs (Windows XP, for example), how to navigate to and open files and folders, how to install programs.
  • Basic Word Processing - how to open a word processing program (Microsoft Word, for example), create a text file, save a file, edit your work and name and save files.
  • Ability to use VCCS email - how to access your VCCS email account, send and read email, send an email message with an attached file, and open an email attachment.
  • Internet skills - how to open and navigate to sites using an internet browser (Internet Explorer, for example), opening links, and using a search engine to search the Internet.

THIRD - you can use this link to check your browser plugins. Just open this page in the browser you will use and click the link below to verify what plugins you have and what common plugins may be missing from your machine. YOU DO NOT NEED ALL OF THESE PLUGINS. But you might want to write down what you have and don't have in case an instructor requires one or two for accessing multimedia.

Check your Browser!

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