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4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Since my course is "online", does that mean I won't ever have to come to the college?

While "online" courses do not meet on campus weekly, you may be required to attend an on-campus orientation, and you may be required to come to the college for a proctored activity, such as an exam. You will be given a schedule at the beginning of the course that specifies times when you will need to come to campus. Most of the time there will be more than one specified time, and you can pick the one that fits your schedule.

2. Can I work at my own pace, or is there a set schedule?

Most online courses have a set schedule for assignments and testing. You may also be required to meet online with your instructor at specified times. Check the course syllabus for course specifics.

3. Are online courses easier than on-campus courses?

No. Please don't confuse the flexibility of an online course with ease. The same course material is covered, and the same course objectives must be met with each. Because most of the contact with your instructor is via email or Blackboard, it will take longer to get a question answered than just raising your hand in class. You will be reviewing the material on your own, so how much time you spend depends on your study habits.

4. How do I get help if I need it?

  • Questions about a course's content, assignments or general schedule questions should be addressed to your instructor. They will also be able to instruct you where to get additional assistance for other problems if you need it.
  • For problems accessing myGCC contact:
  • Academic Computing Center
  • Student Technical Help Desk
  • You can contact a counselor for help if you feel overwhelmed by your courses or just need to talk about what you hope to get from your college experience.
  • Counseling Center
  • Check the school Web site or call the school to find out who can assist with other school-related problems. They are sometimes busy, but always glad to help.

5. When do online courses begin?

Online courses begin and end on the same days as the on-campus courses. Check the college calendar for dates.

6. Who should take an online course?

Many different types of students can benefit from taking online courses. If you have the right equipment, Internet access, and time to work on the course regularly, you may want to consider online courses. An online course may be for you if:

  • You have obligations that prevent you from attending class during regular hours.
  • You live far away from a GCC location.
  • You do not have access to transportation.

... And many other reasons 

Studies have proven repeatedly that those who are highly self-motivated, responsible, and self-disciplined can do well in a distance learning program

7. Are there Library services online?

Yes. As a student in a VCCS college, you are also given access to VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia. Your college library can give you additional information on VIVA. Click Here to visit GCC's Library Online!

Do not share your username or password with anyone. Anyone with your username and password can access your courses as you. But be careful when changing your password and setting up your security question. You must remember your new password and you must make sure that the answer to your security question is something you'll know many years in the future in case you ever forget your password.

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