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Distance Learning- Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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Ready, Set... Go Online!

The overall goal of the Germanna Community College QEP is to improve student learning in online courses by increasing student, faculty and institutional readiness for such a learning environment. Specifically, Germanna Community College will achieve the following goals and objectives:

Student Readiness

  • Increase student readiness for online learning.
  • Formally assess student readiness for online learning.
  • Utilize student development courses to prepare students for online learning.
  • Provide remediation opportunity for students not ready for online learning.

Faculty Readiness

  • Increase faculty and course readiness for online learning.
  • Provide quality and consistency in the structure of online course.
  • Provide quality and consistency in teaching of online courses.
  • Improve assessment of course/instructor effectiveness for online course.
Institutional Readiness
  • Increase institutional Readiness for Online Learning.
  • Enhance student services for online students.
  • Enhance learning resources for online students.
  • Create more cohesion and collaboration between students and faculty in online courses.
  • Make information about online learning and services readily available and accessible.

GCC QEP Start: Fall 2008

GCC QEP Completion: Fall 2013

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