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Instructor Guidelines for Course Completions

1. Course design must be appropriate to the delivery media.

  • Instructional design assistance is available to faculty.
  • Course content, scope, depth, and rigor must be equivalent to corresponding classroom-based classes.
  • College review and approval processes should ensure the appropriateness of the technology being used to meet program or course objectives.

2. Online Course Implementation

The following are standards for online course implementation (see note below for explanation):

  • All materials and/or Web resources are aligned with the college, VCCS and SACS standards.
  • An online course is comparable in rigor, depth, and breadth to traditionally delivered courses.
  • The course provides frequent and timely interaction between the students and the online teacher, as well as among students.
  • The instructor responds to students' questions within 48 hours (two business days, excluding holidays). Faculty may define 48 hours to include weekends. Feedback may include e-mails, discussions, telephone calls, and term/semester grades.
  • Collaborative learning opportunities — through e-mails, discussion strands, simulations, lab activities and other group projects — encourage student participation and interaction.
  • The course makes appropriate and effective use of technology and online resources to enrich the content.
  • The instructor provides clear rules for participation and monitors student participation.
  • All course materials are provided in a format that can be used by students with a range of abilities and disabilities.
  • All courses provide the adequacy of access to resources of Libraries, as well as access to services of professional librarians.
  • All courses provide the access to online tutoring service -- Smarthinking
  • Student information remains confidential, as required by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.
  • The course clearly articulates the requirements used to assess students' participation and achievement of learning goals and objectives. The established standards for an online course are designed to ensure academic integrity. Learning activities and assessments are designed to promote academic honesty.