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Becoming A Germanna Student

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Distance Learning- Internet Course Requirements

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The courses with a 'W' in the section number are Internet courses.

All Internet courses require a GPA of 2.0 or above unless you are a new student. They also require experience with the Internet and with email and email attachments.

  • Students must use their VCCS email account for communication and assignment purposes.
  • Two proctored events are recommended for all distance learning classes at Germanna Community College. However, department chairs, in consultation with the department faculty and the Dean may choose not to require proctored events for the department on a course by course basis. The instructor's proctor policy for the course must meet the department's policy and must be clearly stated in the course outline. Faculty must clearly state in their syllabus that the proctoring policy may vary from course to course.
  • Students should read and understand the requirements for each online course they are taking.
  • If an online course requires proctored activities students can visit any Germanna testing center, or students may arrange for a proctor in their area. For proctored activity information, please visit the Student Resources link on the Distance Learning web page at
  • Check schedule list for prerequisites for each course. Students must meet prerequisites to enroll in the course.
  • First time Internet students are expected to attend one of the following Distance Learning Student Orientation sessions. For registration information, please go to

To begin your course:

  1. Visit the DL Orientation and Bb Tutorial links at for information on getting started and the technology and skills required to take an online course.
  2. Login into Blackboard, and click on the link to your course.*
  3. Check the Announcement page for directions on how to start your coursework. Please note that Distance Learning classes start on the same days as regular classes.

*Please note that some courses may not be available on Blackboard until the first day of classes and it can take up to 24 hours after you register for your course for it to be available in Blackboard.

If you have questions about Distance Learning, please contact the Help Desk at