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Online Mentoring Program for Instructors

About the Program

The Online Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to match new online instructors or those who wish to learn new online methods with seasoned online instructors.

Germanna Community College has a strong interest in seeing that faculty realize their full potential as online faculty. In conjunction with the GCC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) this program supports online readiness by the development and retention of its online faculty.

This program is designed to work with an interested instructor (mentee) contacting one of the coordinators for the mentoring program. The coordinators then try to find a suitable instructor (mentor) for the mentee. After a suitable match is made, the faculty members will be notified and provided with the appropriate information to initiate the program.


  • Mentors are faculty members who are knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing online learning strategies.
  • Model quality online teaching.
  • A Mentor will allow the mentee to shadow him/her in an online class the mentor teaches prior to or in tandem to the official mentoring.
  • Mentors will assist with the development of a online course prior to the start of the course.
  • Mentors will be given a small stipend for their efforts and assistance.


  • A mentee is any faculty seeking guidance and support in online teaching.
  • A mentee also includes any online educator who is responsible for developing a course.
  • The mentee will shadow the mentor in one of the mentor’s online course.
  • The mentee will be responsible for all aspects of their online course during the semester of teaching online.


  • Coordinators will provide applications for the mentees and the mentors.
  • They will encourage mentors and mentees to complete training as needed.
  • They will work closely with department chairs in the matching process.
  • They will provide leadership, guidance and support to mentors.
  • They will provide resources for faculty, facilitate communication and arrange meetings.
  • They will monitor the effectiveness of the program and evaluate feedback and data to increase its effectiveness.


1.Instructor contacts department chair and requests to enroll in the mentoring program.

2.Instructor completes the faculty mentoring program application and submits it to coordinator(s).

3.Department chair and coordinator(s) review application and select a suitable mentor.

4.Both parties are informed.

5.Mentor and mentee should contact each other, and meet before the semester begins to discuss the course(s).

6.Both parties should utilize the, “Mentor- Mentee Checklist” as a timeline for the mentoring process.

7.Once the semester has begun the mentee should periodically check in with mentor. Mentors should be available throughout the semester to answer questions and give feedback.

8.At the end of the semester both parties should have a meeting (preferably face to face) to discuss the mentees experience in teaching the online course(s). Mentor should give recommendations based on observation during the semester and student evaluations.

9.Both the mentor and mentee will participate in surveys of the program in the middle, and at the end of the semester in which they are teaching the new online course.

For more information and the application process, please contact our Online Mentoring Program Coordinators:

Dr. Season Thomson


Phone: 540-891-3053




Karen Mittura

Phone: 540-423-9825