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Becoming A Germanna Student

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Distance Learning- Orientation To Online Learning

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Virtual Orientation to Online Learning

Welcome to our orientation to online learning site. You may be wondering what to expect from an "online" course, and you may have many questions about what you need to do to get started. Start with step 1 below.

STEP 1:  Click here to take the SmarterMeasures (READI) test.

SmarterMeasures is a web-based tool that assesses your likelihood for succeeding in an online learning program. Students can't take the test before they receive a password for the test. Students need to change their login name immediately after they log in. They will also receive a pin for logging in in the future.

Test Taker Information

Group Name Username Password
FA14 Student FA14Student Pumpkin14

STEP 2: Click Here to go through the Orientation page by page (recommended).
These pages should answer many of the questions that you may have as a first-time online learner or someone new to the VCCS Blackboard and email systems.

STEP 3:  Click Here to take the Are You Ready? mini-course.

This mini-course is designed to help Distance Learning students ready themselves for taking online and hybrid courses at GCC.