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Becoming A Germanna Student

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Dual Enrollment- Application Tips

dual enrollment

All students intending to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses at their high school through Germanna Community College must first apply for admission to Germanna.

Students who have previously applied to another Virginia Community College must update their existing application in order to select Germanna as the Community College they intend to attend prior to enrolling in Germanna courses. Please see the steps to update an existing VCCS application below.

To complete the Germanna Application for Admission, visit the Virginia Community College Online Admissions page.

You will be prompted to create a temporary account in order to create and submit your VCCS application; unless you have already started but not completed your application, you will click “New Users.” Create your application account, including a temporary user name and password, and click “Submit.”

You will then move to the VCCS Application for Admission, which has six steps. Prior to completing your application to Germanna, please see tips for high school Dual Enrollment students listed below.

Step One: Personal Information

  • Enter your full legal name. If you have already applied to another Virginia Community College, be sure to enter your name in the same format as you did on that application.
  • Providing your social security number is highly recommended. If not given, access to many college services will be limited, and tax reporting information will not be available.
  • All Dual Enrollment students should select “Credit” for the Career field.
  • For the Campus field, select the Germanna campus which is nearest to your high school (Fredericksburg Area Campus for students in the counties of Spotsylvania, Caroline, Stafford, or the City of Fredericksburg; Locust Grove Campus for students in the counties of Orange, Culpeper, or Madison).
  • For the Term field, select the semester in which your Dual Enrollment course(s) will begin (for most DE students this will be a Fall semester).

Step Two: Address Information

Enter the street number and name on the first line, and an apartment number on the second line as applicable.

Step Three: Additional Personal Information

Follow the prompts to enter your ethnicity, gender, citizenship status, primary language, and military status.

Step Four: Educational History

  • For High School Information, click “Edit High School”; all prospective Dual Enrollment students should select “High School (graduated or currently enrolled)”.
  • Click “Select” to choose your high school from the drop down menu—it is very important to select the correct high school.
  • Enter your anticipated high school graduation date (MM/YYYY); if you are unsure the type of high school diploma you will earn, select “Standard.”
  • For your Family Educational Background, you must select an option from the drop down menu. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and has no bearing on your admission process.

Step Five: Educational Goals

Current high school students may not select a plan to pursue a degree until they have graduated from high school. Therefore Dual Enrollment students should select “I do not plan to pursue a degree at this time.”

You will then be prompted to state your reason for taking classes. High school students planning to take Dual Enrollment courses at their high school should select the plan 041; alternatively, high school students taking Dual Enrollment courses at their high school AND taking courses on a Germanna campus or through distance learning should select the plan 043.

Step Six: In-State Tuition

On this page, select the button “Apply”; this takes you to the domicile questionnaire which will determine if you qualify for in-state or out-of-state tuition. Any student who wants to pay the in-state tuition rates must complete this questionnaire.

Once completed, you will receive a summary of the questions and the answers you provided. Confirm your answers and then select one of the following options: “Continue your application”; “Restart the questionnaire”; or “Discard your questionnaire.”

  • Select “Continue your application” to be taken to the final submission page.

  • Select “Submit Application” – this submission process will take a few minutes. Do not click Submit Application more than once. When the process is complete, you will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted successfully with the college and term information.
  • Click “Continue” on each page for the following information:
    • Your Official Student Information SIS ID;
    • Your Username and Password
    • Your Tuition Information – In-State or Out-of-State classification;
    • Special Notices – additional documentation or information that may be required to complete your admission process;
    • Academic Information – your assigned plan of study;
    • Application Summary – Be sure to print the application summary page so you have a record of all information associated with your application process.

How do I apply to more than one Virginia community college?

If you have already applied to another Virginia Community College, you will need to login to the VCCS Application system in order to create a new application for Germanna. Follow the steps above to begin your new application.

As you complete Step One of the application, be sure to enter your name in the same format as you did on your previous VCCS application. When you reach the question, "Have you previously attended another Virginia Community College?" select "Yes" and enter your 7-digit Student ID Number. This will allow the VCCS Application system to sync your current and previous applications.

Continue through the remaining steps of the application following the instructions above. Update any personal information which has changed since your previous application.

Application Assistance

If you have application questions or need assistance completing your application, please contact Jennifer Elks, Dual Enrollment Specialist, in Germanna's Admissions & Records Office: (540) 891-3078