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Becoming A Germanna Student

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Experiential Learning- For Students

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Experiential learning is a process involving student learning through active participation in the workplace and/or community. The process is a win win for you, the student intern, and for the employer as it provides you the opportunity to apply the skills and concepts learned in the classroom and provides employers with a qualified, talented and motivated student worker that will bring new perspectives into the workplace. Germanna Community College recognizes the value of the extended classroom in preparing you to carefully examine and explore your educational and career interests under the direct guidance of professionals. Internships can be for academic credit, no credit, paid and unpaid.

Apply for an Internship Position

How can the Internship Office help me?

The role of the Internship Office is to assist students, faculty members and employers in creating unique engaged learning experiences. The Internship Program Coordinator:

  • Serves as a point of contact for campus-wide internships, project based externships, service learning and observations.
  • Coaches students' professional development
  • Cultivates new community partnerships
  • Serves as a liaison with departments and helps coordinate students' interests with internship opportunities
  • Facilitates employer internship postings and student searches

Ready to get started? Intern Application Process:

  1. Student must have completed 30 academic credits, be in good academic standing and have one faculty recommendation. Some exceptions may apply.
  2. Student meets with internship coordinator and/or completes experiential learning program orientation.
  3. Intern Student applies for the internship by submitting resume/application to organization and completes interview process.
  4. Intern completes Assumption of Risk form.
  5. Student, Site Supervisor and Experiential Learning Coordinator meet to complete Site Responsibilities, discuss Intern Learning Plan and other requirements.
  6. Student completes student agreement and discusses coordinated internship syllabus with faculty sponsor or coordinator.
  7. Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours of work based learning over the 16 week semester and complete assignments as per syllabus and/or faculty sponsor. Germanna has a 3 credit general business internship class: BUS 290 Coordinated Internship that serves as a business or general elective and transfers to VCU as MGMT 271 and GMU as NCLC 290 (admissions must verify).