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Veteran Affairs- VA Information

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The College makes every effort to assist active duty military personnel and veterans in their academic pursuits. Many of Germanna’s programs of study are approved by the state department of education for the payment of veterans’ educational benefits. Application forms and assistance with benefits are available in the Admissions and Records Office at the Fredericksburg Area Campus and by appointment at the Locust Grove Campus.

Questions regarding eligibility for education benefits or VA policies and procedures may also be directed to the Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-888-442-4551 or

Students using their benefits for the first time must complete the Application for Education Benefits (VA form 22-1990) and provide an original or court certified copy of their discharge papers (DD-214, Member 4 version).

Also, all military transcripts and any educational institution transcripts must be sent to the College so that they may be evaluated for credit. If you are a veteran of the Navy or Marine Corps, you may obtain your military transcript (commonly referred to as a SMART transcript) from If you are a veteran of the Army, you may obtain your military transcript (commonly referred to as an AARTS transcript) from If you are a veteran of the Air Force, an official transcript may be requested by writing to: CCAF/DFRS, 130 West Maxwell Blvd, Maxwell AFB AL, 36112-6613. If you are a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, you may request your transcript by writing to: US Coast Guard Academy, 15 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320-4195.

Students who believe they are eligible for dependents’ educational benefits should complete an Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (VA form 22-5490).

Veterans who have used their benefits at another school must complete a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (VA form 22-1995).

Veteran Enrollment Changes

When receiving veterans benefits, a student must report any enrollment changes promptly to the VA Representative in the Admissions and Records Office. Status changes include change of curriculum, reduction/increase in course load, withdrawal, suspension, dismissal, etc. NOTE: Enrollment changes may adjust a student’s entitlement to benefits.

Educational benefits will not be given for audited courses or courses from which the eligible student withdraws, is administratively withdrawn, or receives a final grade of “W,” unless the VA finds mitigating circumstances involved in the withdrawal. Also, educational benefits are only available for courses required in the eligible students’ curriculum or those developmental courses required in preparation for meeting curricular requirements.

Standards of Progess

The Veterans Administration requires that students receiving veterans’ benefits maintain satisfactory academic progress. The College is required to submit to the VA an unsatisfactory progress notification for any student placed on academic suspension or dismissal.

Veterans Tuition Assistance Program

In addition to regular monthly benefits, the VA will also pay for tuition assistance for qualified students.

Work-study for Veterans & Dependents

Eligible students may qualify for the Veterans’ Work-Study Program if they are enrolled at a three-quarter time rate of attendance. For further information, eligible students may contact the Admissions and Records office.