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Financial Aid- Withdraw Information

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Germanna Community College Repayment Policy for Financial Aid Recipients


Important Information about Short Session Courses
Most students who drop courses that are shorter than 16 weeks in length will have to repay financial aid funds already disbursed.  You should contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping short courses so that you understand how much you will be required to repay.

There is a difference between Dropping a class and Withdrawing from a class. The Drop Period for each semester/term is the only time that students can Drop a class. After the last day to drop with a refund, students who wish to unenroll will be processed as a Withdraw (W). Students who receive financial aid and Withdraw from classes often owe back at least a portion of their financial aid award and bookstore charges. Please talk with a Financial Aid Advisor before making any changes to enrollment.

Policies covering tuition refunds and repayments due from students who receive overpayments of financial aid are based on Federal regulations and State policies.

It is the student’s responsibility to make any change in his/her enrollment status official by processing an add/drop form through the Admissions and Records Office or through MyGCC.

Changes in enrollment include:

  1. Dropping or adding classes
  2. Cancelled classes.  (Cancellation of late starting classes may result in reduction or loss of aid.)
  3. Failure to attend one or more classes

If a student fails to establish attendance, drops a class, or has a class cancelled, his/her eligibility for financial aid funds will be reduced accordingly. If the student receives funds based on the higher enrollment level, he/she must repay the difference between the financial aid award for the higher enrollment level and the financial aid award for the lower enrollment level. Students who fail to begin attendance in all classes are not eligible for financial aid and will be required to repay all financial aid funds received.

Students who stop attending classes and receive grades of F,U,W may be required to repay a portion of the total federal aid received.  Students who receive grades of F,U,W may also lose eligibility for further financial aid funds too.

Repayment Calculation

Students who complete more than 60 percent of the term are not required to make a repayment. Students who withdraw from classes prior to completing 60 percent of the term will be required to repay all or part of the aid received.

Repayment is calculated using the following factors using a formula specified by the U.S. Department of Education:

  • Percentage of the term attended 
  • Total Pell and SEOG disbursed to the student 
  • Total tuition, fees and books charged to Financial Aid at the bookstore

Students who owe a repayment will not be eligible for additional financial aid until repayment is made in full. Students with a debt to the college of any kind should expect that all services will be blocked until the debt is paid in full. Students who do not pay their debt are subject to all collections policies as established by the college. Students who withdraw from classes may lose financial aid eligibility under the GCC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.