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Career Readiness Certificate Work Keys Details

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Individuals seeking the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) take the Work Keys assessments in three content areas:

  • Reading for Information
  • Locating Information
  • Applied Mathematics

Based on how you score on the assessments, you may earn the gold, silver, or bronze CRC.

Germanna provides many services related to the CRC including:

  • Conducting Work Keys testing
  • Providing preparatory skills-training
  • Issuing the CRC certificates
  • Occupational work profiling for employers

Prior to taking the official Work Keys assessments, some individuals may seek to first enhance their skills, to maximize their success. We also provide preliminary assessments, so that test-takers gain a sense of their scoring potential before taking the official assessments.

Employers may consider the CRC as a tool to assess employee skill levels and their current or prospective employees' qualifications for specific occupations. We provide occupational profiling for employers.

Employers and individuals are encouraged to visit the Virginia CRC web site for complete information at The site provides extensive information on the CRC, Work Keys, and the multitude of benefits of the CRC for both individuals and employers.

To schedules CRC test preparation, administration of assessments, and job profiling, please contact us.

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