About Academic Advising

Your faculty advisor is a champion for your success at GCC. An advisor will work to help you reach your goals and work to limit and address roadblocks along the way.

Your Faculty Advisor will… 

  • Help you understand specific degree requirements
  • Provide input and advisement on career information
  • Help you change your degree plan if needed
  • Assist you with an academic plan
  • Help you set educational and career goals
  • Assist with academic problems
  • Help you access campus resources

Programs of Study Information Sessions

Program of Study Information Sessions are led by a faculty advisor and cover program requirements, program changes, registration and class selection advice and more. These sessions are program specific, and you will have the benefit of being with an expert in that program, (such as Business, General Studies, IT programs and Science programs,) just to name a few. Students in attendance at these sessions will be of various class standings and career interests, so you will get the benefit of their experiences as well as the opportunity to ask questions of both the faculty advisor and other students. Sessions are typically 50 minutes to 1 hour in length.

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