When should I see my faculty advisor?

For specific advising questions related to course registration, interpreting curriculum requirements, and assessing academic progress it is best to schedule an appointment in October to discuss the Spring Term, and in March to discuss the Summer and Fall Terms.

Understand these can be busy times for advisors; you should make an appointment at least one week in advance and complete the advising session form.

If you have to reschedule, please cancel your first appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

What do I need to have with me when I meet with my faculty advisor?

View or Download the advising syllabus that will help you get organized for your appointment.

Also make sure to bring your course history.

It is accessible in your Student Center.

How do I contact/make an appointment with my faculty advisor?

Contact your faculty advisor via email.

Be sure to email your advisor using your Germanna email. A personal email account may be sent to the advisor’s junk mail.

What is the difference between my faculty advisor and a counselor?

Germanna’s Counselors provide new student advising services and support services to promote student success, retention, and personal and social skills development.

Faculty Advisors focus on academic planning and setting educational and career goals that lead to certificate and degree completion.

Why and how do I use my program checklist?

A program checklist is a guide to help you choose classes for successful certificate or degree completion.

It can help you make good course choices so you do not spend time and money unnecessarily.

View Program Checklist

What if I have to repeat a course?

Students are limited to two enrollments in the same credit course.

Requests to enroll in the same course for a third time must be documented on a Request to Repeat Course form and approved by the Dean of Instruction prior to registration.

Repeating a course will affect a student’s grade point average and may negatively affect financial aid eligibility.

What do I need to do for graduation?

Students who plan on participating in Commencement at the end of their program must complete and submit an Application for graduation.

There are priority dates that the application must be completed.

View Academic Calendar