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Students may register in person at Fredericksburg, Locust Grove, Stafford, Culpeper locations or online.

All students are encouraged to register for classes as early as possible. Registration dates are listed in the current Class Schedule. Registration is not complete until tuition is paid.

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Important information for students

  • New and readmit students

    New and readmit students

    A new/readmit student is one who has not enrolled for credit courses at GCC in the last three years.

    • You must submit apply online
    • You must be assessed by the Counseling Center to determine if placement testing is necessary.
    • You must take placement tests or provide appropriate SAT/ACT scores or placement test scores from another Virginia community college. Appropriate college transcripts will assist counselors in determining if placement testing is necessary. Contact the Counseling Center for further information.
    • Complete the appropriate registration form (PDF Format). You must obtain the approval of a counselor/advisor prior to registering for classes. This approval is demonstrated by the signature of a counselor/advisor.
    • Register for classes. Submit your approved registration form to the Admissions & Records Office for entry into the computer. Your counselor/advisor may choose to enter classes for you.
    • Pay your tuition. Tuition may be paid in person at the Business Office at either campus, by mail, or through the web.
  • Continuing students

    Continuing students

    A continuing student is one who has enrolled for credit courses at GCC within the last three years. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor regarding your program of study on a regular basis. If you are a degree seeking student, you may make an appointment with a faculty advisor during their posted office hours. You may self-advise and register using the web registration providing you meet the following criteria:

    1. You must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at GCC, and
    2. You must have completed all developmental courses required for your program of study.
    3. Be a transient student (primarily enrolled at another institution)
    4. Possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

    You may register in person, drop-off (a drop box is provided outside the Welcome Center at each campus) or by mail. If you register in person, drop-off or by mail, you must sign the self-advising agreement on your semester registration form, or have the approval of a counselor/advisor on your registration form.

    If you register in person, submit your completed semester registration form to the Welcome Center at either campus.

    Pay your tuition.

  • Course prerequisites

    Course prerequisites

    All students must meet course prerequisites.

  • Self-advising


    The College is not responsible for course choices and meeting requirements for degree programs for those students who choose to self-advise. Students choosing to self-advise are responsible for selecting courses that meet prerequisites and requirements of their chosen major or career/personal goals.

  • On-time registration

    On-time registration

    On-Time Registration is a new Germanna policy based on research that demonstrates students are more likely to complete a course successfully when they register early or at least on time. It is our commitment to help you succeed by making sure all students are ready to learn on the first day of class.

    View on-time registration policy

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