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First Character (Location):

The first character in a course section will designate the location of the class:

F = Fredericksburg Area Campus (SP)

L = Locust Grove Campus (OR)

C = Daniel Technology Center (CU)

S = Stafford County Center (ST)

Z = Classes held offsite or at area high schools to better describe the location.

U = Dual Enrollment Courses (not viewable online)

W = The course is taught entirely on-line (may require up to two proctored activities in a GCC testing center or by arrangement with the instructor.) Students must have internet access.

Second Character:

The second character will designate the type of delivery method if it is not 100% online or in-person.

0-9 = Incremental sections for 100% online or face-to-face classes

Q = Learning Community – Part of a cluster of classes taken together to enhance student learning.

X = Independent Study – A course that is offered outside of the traditional constraints of a scheduled day, hour, and classroom.

H = Hybrid – Courses delivered through a combination of face-to-face instruction and the Internet. Time required in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated.

M = Hybrid/Video – Combination of H and V. V = Telecourse (Interactive Video) – Course offered simultaneously at two or more locations via the interactive video system.

S = Special – *Restricted Enrollment, Middle College, Coffeewood, etc.

*Restricted Enrollment = Course is only for students admitted to a particular program or who meet other preexisting conditions. Third Character: Incremental number designating different sections within a course. Fourth Character: Should be added to the end of the section code i.e. – Lecture “01” would be attached to Lab “01L”. L = LAB– portion of course work conducted in laboratory setting 0-9 = Incremental sections

Germanna Abbreviations


TBA = To Be Announced

Always pay attention to notes listed under classes.