Special announcement

Due to water system failure, Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper will remain closed until further notice. We will provide an updated status on Sunday, Aug. 25th. All other GCC locations will remain open during normal business hours.

Section code legend

class schedule code legend

First character (location)

The first character in a course section will designate the location of the class:

  • F = Fredericksburg Area Campus (SP)
  • L = Locust Grove Campus (OR)
  • C = Daniel Technology Center (CU)
  • S = Stafford County Center (ST)
  • Z = Classes held offsite or at area high schools to better describe the location.
  • U = Dual Enrollment Courses (not viewable online)
  • W = The course is taught entirely on-line (may require up to two proctored activities in a GCC testing center or by arrangement with the instructor.) Students must have internet access.

Second character

The second character will designate the type of delivery method if it is not 100% online or in-person.

  • 0-9 = Incremental sections for 100% online or face-to-face classes
  • Q = Learning community: part of a cluster of classes taken together to enhance student learning.
  • X = Independent study: a course that is offered outside of the traditional constraints of a scheduled day, hour, and classroom.
  • H = Hybrid: courses delivered through a combination of face-to-face instruction and the Internet. Time required in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated.
  • M = Hybrid or video: combination of H and V.
  • V = Telecourse (interactive video): course offered simultaneously at two or more locations via the interactive video system.
  • S = Special: *Restricted Enrollment, Dual Enrollment., etc.

*Restricted enrollment = course is only for students admitted to a particular program or who meet other preexisting conditions.

Third character

Incremental number designating different sections within a course.

Fourth character

Should be added to the end of the section code i.e. – lecture “01” would be attached to lab “01L”.

  • L = LAB– portion of course work conducted in laboratory setting 0-9 = incremental sections

Germanna abbreviations


TBA = To Be Announced

Always pay attention to notes listed under classes.

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