Transferring to other Institutions

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university are responsible for determining the transfer admission policies and requirements of the department or program at the intended institution. These policies and requirements should guide a student in choosing a course of study and appropriate electives at Germanna.

Transfer Agreements

The purpose of a transfer agreement is to ensure acceptance of Germanna graduates with an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree, Associate of Science in Engineering Degree, and in some cases an Associate in Applied Science Degree who have earned a GPA as specified by the transfer institution.

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State Policy on Transfer

The State Policy on Transfer was developed to facilitate transfer between State-supported community colleges and senior colleges and universities.

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Transfer between curricula or programs

Students who want to change their program or course of study while at Germanna Community College should discuss their intentions with an academic advisor. Once a decision to transfer to another curriculum has been finalized, the student should contact the Admissions and Records Office to complete a Curriculum Change Form. Students using Veterans Benefits must see the Veterans Affairs Coordinator prior to initiating a curriculum change.

Credit For Prior Learning

Germanna Community College believes that a student’s prior college-level learning and experience can be recognized and applied to their program of study, potentially saving time and money. Credit for prior learning is only applicable towards curriculum requirements at Germanna Community College and does not fulfill the College’s residency requirement. If a student plans to transfer, it is critical that the student work with their faculty advisor and/or counselor with regard to the transfer policies at the destination school. Credit for prior learning may be obtained through transfer credit or certain exams. Visit the links below for more information.

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