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English Ready

What to expect?

Taking the time to learn about the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) and doing a little review are the first steps to successful placement

When taking the VPT English, the essay portion of the test is administered first and the reading comprehension is second. The essay is required.

The VPT English requires students to write an essay. After clicking “submit” on the essay, students will not have the opportunity to go back. Students should work to the best of their ability to complete the essay – it counts for the majority of their score.

When composing the essay, be sure to: write only about the topic, write multiple paragraphs, and express your ideas clearly.

Proofread the essay before submitting it.

Spelling and grammar check cannot be used. The tab and backspace buttons should not be used during the essay section.

Forty multiple choice reading comprehension questions are the second part of the VPT English.

It is critical that students put forth their  best effort on both the essay and reading components of the English placement test as these pieces combined determine their placement into college level English.

There are different review modules below available to help students review.

The test is untimed. It is recommended that students plan for 3 hours of testing so that they don’t feel rushed but it is anticipated that students may finish within the 3 hours.

Frequently asked questions

  • Characteristics of an English-ready college student

    Characteristics of an English-ready college student

    • Completed four years of high school English.
    • Completed English placement test or qualified for a test waiver by submitting appropriate SAT or ACT scores.
    • Reviewed English requirements for intended program of study/degree.
    • Reviewed English requirements for intended career goal.
  • What should I do in high school to get ready?

    What should I do in high school to get ready?

    While taking these English classes, students should work hard to learn the content long term and to make connections to their areas of interest.

    Complete all 4 years of high school English classes at the highest level matching their ability. Supplement their course work with classes such as Journalism, Creative Writing, or Literature.

  • Will I take More English classes in college?

    Will I take more English classes in college?

    Students earning certificates and associate degrees are required to complete ENG 111, ENG 112, and/or an English Literature Course. Consult your degree program for specific requirements.

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  • I like writing and reading...What can I do with it?

    I like writing and reading…What can I do with it?

    Explorer career options

VPT English Placement Test review

This document provides resource materials to help students review for the VPT English Test by providing practice and information on reading comprehension and vocabulary, grammar and mechanics, editing and proofreading, and research and documentation.

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Online Virginia Placement Test – practice test

This practice test gives you an opportunity to experience the look and feel of the VPT.

VPT practice directions

Academic Center for Excellence resources

ACE Writing Center provide links to common English topics, including writing essays, comma rules, grammar, documenting sources and writing thesis statements.