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Administrative and Professional Faculty Awards

Intended to honor and acknowledge full-time administrative and professional faculty whose exceptional professional accomplishments, contributions, and activities support the mission and guiding principles of the College and the Virginia Community College System.

Awards and Grants

  • Recognition Awards

    Recognition Awards


    • All administrative and professional faculty are eligible, regardless of length of service.
    • An employee may receive more than one recognition award in a fiscal year.

    Recognition awards may be given to employees with a commitment to excellence and who demonstrate one or more of the following:

    1. Going above and beyond job by doing more or better than would usually be expected.
    2. Exemplary behaviors of accountability, innovation, collaboration, teamwork initiative, positive attitude, integrity, good citizenship, and/or sense of public responsibility.
    3. Performance of an exceptional deed or service that contributes to student success, a sense of community at the College, or supports the College’s mission.
    4. Displaying evidence of work that promotes respect, diversity, and individual dignity throughout the college.


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  • Annual Awards

    Annual Awards


    All administrative and professional faculty employees who have successfully completed their first year of service are eligible contingent upon:

    • Having received an evaluative summary rating of “Meets Expectations” on the most recent performance evaluation.
    • Having received no disciplinary actions within the last 12 months.

    An employee may receive only one annual award per fiscal year.

    Available awards

  • Annual Grants

    Annual Grants

    Rick Brehm Innovations in Administrative and Professional Leadership Grant

    The grant is given to full-time administrative and professional faculty for demonstrating excellence and outstanding performance leading to innovations in administrative and professional leadership.

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Processes and award distribution

Nomination process

The selection committee will solicit and accept nominations for recognition awards year-around and annual awards during the Spring semester.

Eligible employees may be nominated by their immediate supervisor, a colleague, or any other employee of the College or the VCCS. Employees may not nominate themselves for recognition awards, however they can self-nominate for annual awards.

Nominations must be submitted online by completing the web-based recognition and reward nomination form for the appropriate award.

Selection process


  1. The committee will administer awards and recognition for administrative and professional faculty.
  2. The President of the College shall annually appoint committee co-chairs to form a diverse group of representatives inclusive of all employee groups.
  3. The composition of the selection committee is subject to final approval by the Associate VP of Human Resources.

The committee will establish processes for nominating, selecting, recognizing, and rewarding employees.

The committee will complete its review and evaluation of all nominations and will select those nominees, subject to the approval of the President of the College, who are to receive Recognition and Annual Awards.

The committee may determine that any of the Annual Awards will not be awarded if there are no nominations that meet the criteria and standard of the award.

The committee will annually conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of the program.

Awards distribution

All awardees receive

  1. A certificate of recognition.
  2. Acknowledgement at a Germanna sponsored forum compatible with and conducive to employee recognition.
  3. Acknowledgement via the College’s intranet, website, social media, and/or publications, as deemed appropriate.

Recognition awardees may receive at the discretion of the committee a token gift of de minimis value.

Annual awardees additionally receive

  1. A monetary reward in the form of a bonus.
  2. The option to substitute equivalent leave (up to five days) in lieu of the monetary bonus.
  3. The option to use the monetary bonus in the form of professional development funds, which must be expended by the end of the following fiscal year.


Recognition awards



Nomination deadlines

October 1 and March 1

Awards distribution

December and May

Annual awards


December 1

Nomination deadlines

March 1

Awards distribution


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