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Tuition charges are set by the State Board for Community Colleges and are subject to change. If a tuition and fee increase occurs after payment, the student will be responsible for the difference.

Spring 2017 Rates

Deferred payment deadline is December 15, 2017.  Rates are subject to change.


CreditsIn-State & Military Contract I/S*Out-of-StateOut-of-State E-rate**Business Contract
1$ 156.00$ 352.60$ 249.25$ 236.00
2$ 312.00$ 705.20$ 498.50$ 472.00
3$ 468.00$ 1,057.80$ 747.75$ 708.00
4$ 624.00$ 1,410.40$ 997.00$ 944.00
5$ 780.00$ 1,763.00$ 1,246.25$ 1,180.00
6$ 936.00$ 2,115.60$ 1,495.50$ 1,416.00
7$1092.00$ 2,468.20$ 1,744.75$ 1,652.00
8$ 1,248.00$ 2,820.80$ 1,994.00$ 1,888.00
9$ 1,404.00$ 3,173.40$ 2,243.25$ 2,124.00
10$ 1,560.00$ 3,526.00$ 2,492.50$ 2,360.00
11$ 1,716.00$ 3,878.60$ 2,741.75$ 2,596.00
12$ 1,872.00$ 4,231.20$ 2,991.00$ 2,832.00
13$ 2,028.00$ 4,583.80$ 3,240.25$ 3,068.00
14$ 2,184.00$ 4,936.40$ 3,489.50$ 3,304.00
15$ 2,340.00$ 5,289.00$ 3,738.75$ 3,540.00
16$ 2,496.00$ 5,641.60$ 3,988.00$ 3,776.00
17$ 2,652.00$ 5,994.20$ 4,237.25$ 4,012.00
18$ 2,808.00$ 6,346.80$ 4,486.50$ 4,248.00
19$ 2,964.00$ 6,699.40$ 4,735.75$ 4,484.00
20$ 3,120.00$ 7,052.00$ 4,985.00$ 4,720.00
21$ 3,276.00$ 7,404.60$ 5,234.25$ 4,956.00
22$ 3,432.00$ 7,757.20$ 5,483.50$ 5,192.00
23$ 3,588.00$ 8,109.80$ 5,732.75$ 5,428.00
24$ 3,744.00$ 8,462.40$ 5,982.00$ 5,664.00
25$ 3,900.00$ 8,815.00$ 6,231.25$ 5,900.00

The totals above include the following fees:

per credit$138.75$315.35$220.75$198.75
In-State Fees ($17.25) per credit):Out of State/Contract fees ($37.25) per credit):
$8.50 per credit Technology Fee$8.50 per credit Technology Fee
$1.50 per credit Student Activity Fee$1.50 per credit Student Activity Fee
$1.75 per credit Parking Auxiliary Fee$1.75 per credit Parking Auxiliary Fee
$5.50 per credit Facilities Auxiliary Fee$5.50 per credit Facilities Auxiliary Fee
$20.00 per credit Capital Fee

*Military In-State rate is available for active-duty members and dependents stationed AND residing in Virginia.

**Out-of-state e-rate does not include student activity fees, parking auxiliary fees, or facilities auxiliary fees.

***Military Contract out-of-state rate is available for active-duty members stationed in Virginia, but residing out-of-state (in-state tuition rate + out-of-state fees).

Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Master Card, Visa, or AmEx only). Please make checks payable to Germanna Community College or GCC for the exact tuition amount shown. If you are unsure of the total, please leave the tuition amount blank until you complete the registration process. According to policy, the College cannot accept checks made for amounts greater than your tuition total. There will be a $35.00 service charge for handling returned checks or dishonored credit card or debit card payments.



Tuition charges are set by the State Board for Community Colleges and are subject to change.

Student Activity Fee

A student activity fee is charged per credit hour to all students except Out-of-State E-rate. Payment of the student activity fee entitles the student to attend all cultural and entertainment events and to use all College recreational facilities.

Parking Maintenance Fee

A parking maintenance fee is charged per credit hour to all students except Out-of-State E-rate.

Facilities Auxiliary Fee

A facilities auxiliary fee is charged per credit hour to all students except Out-of-Sate E-rate.

Technology Fee

A technology fee is charged per credit hour to all students. Revenue from this fee will be used to update and improve instructional tools such as LANs and computer hardware, software and peripherals.

Capital Fee

A capital fee is charged per credit hour to all out-of-state students, including out-of-state contract students. This fee is to offset bond expenses for capital construction. The college collects this fee but does not retain it.

Books & Supplies

Students are expected to obtain their own books, supplies and consumable materials needed in their studies. The estimated cost of these items is $600.00 per semester for the average full-time student, depending upon the degree program in which the student is enrolled. Tuition and fees are subject to change with the approval of the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges. The current tuition and fees are posted on the Germanna Community College website. All fees are due upon payment of tuition.

Eligibility for In-state Tuition Rates

The College makes an initial determination of a student’s eligibility for in-state tuition rates based on the information provided by the applicant and/or the applicant’s parent, legal guardian or spouse on the Application for Virginia Domicile.

Eligibility is determined by using State Council of Higher Education guidelines pertaining to Section 23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia. Generally, in order to be eligible for in-state tuition rates, the student must have been legally domiciled in Virginia for a period of at least one full year prior to the beginning of the planned term of enrollment at the College.

Domicile is a technical, legal concept which means more than simple residency in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In order to be considered a Virginia domiciliary, a student must demonstrate through clear and convincing evidence his/her intention of remaining in Virginia indefinitely. Demonstration of intent is usually accomplished through objective evidence.

A student under the age of 24 generally assumes the domicile of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), unless the student has been legally emancipated or meets criteria for independent student status. A student who has been classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes will be notified in writing of the domicile determination.

Additional information about eligibility may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office.

Domicile Appeal: Students who disagree with an initial determination of eligibility may appeal the decision following the “Domicile Appeals Process” outlined in the Student Handbook section of this catalog.

Changing Status:  If the student initially enters the College as an out-of-state student and believes subsequently to have achieved Virginia domiciliary status, an Application for Virginia Domicile must be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. If a determination is made in the student’s favor, the student will become eligible for in-state tuition rates for the next semester in which the student enrolls.