Classification Of Students

All students are classified according to the following categories: Curricular/ Non-curricular, Freshman/Sophomore, Full-time/Part-time.

Curricular Students

Curricular students are those who wish to pursue, on a full or part-time basis, the completion of a degree or certificate offered by the College. For curricular students, the following items are required for official admission:

  • A completed College Application for Admission with social security number requested.
  • A completed Application for Virginia Domicile (for students requesting in-state tuition rates).
  • An official high school or GED transcript.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

High school transcripts may not be required if the record is more than ten years old or the student has completed 20 semester hours (or equivalent) at a regionally-accredited college or university. However, admission to the selective admissions programs may require submission of high school and college transcripts.

Noncurricular Students

A student who is not formally admitted to one of the curricula but who is classified according to one of the following student goals or conditions:

  • updating employment skills for present job
  • developing skills for a new job
  • career exploration
  • personal satisfaction and general knowledge
  • transient student (may take up to 15 credit hours before being required to change status)
  • non-degree transfer student
  • high school student (with College & high school approval only)
  • general or curricular requirements pending (with College approval only)
  • restricted enrollment (with College approval only)
  • auditing a course (with College approval only)

Freshman: Fewer than 30 credits completed in the designated curriculum.

Sophomore: 30 or more credits completed in the designated curriculum, including relevant transfer credits.

Full-time: Enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester.

Part-time: Enrolled in fewer than 12 credits per semester.

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