Access For Persons With Disabilities

Germanna Community College is committed to the full and total inclusion of all individuals and is dedicated to the principle of individual empowerment. To this end, services are provided to ensure equal access to all aspects of the college experience for students with disabilities through the most appropriate accommodations. Services are provided based on each student’s individual needs. Services are available to students who self-identify and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Through accommodations and other support services on campus, Germanna Community College strives to provide a quality experience for all qualified students with disabilities. All services are provided at no charge. Students who feel they have been denied equal access to all programs and services offered by the College may refer to the Access Policy located in the Appendix or

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who will need accommodations to fully participate in the programs and services offered by Germanna Community College are encouraged to register with the Coordinator of Disability Services at either the Locust Grove or Fredericksburg Area Campus. To be eligible for services, students must submit appropriate medical documentation of their disability. Services are provided based on each student’s individual needs. Services may include, but are not limited to: orientation to campus, academic accommodations, physical barrier removal, liaison with faculty and staff, and/or information and referral. In the event that an accommodation request is denied, students may refer to the grievance procedures for students with disabilities. This grievance procedure is outlined in the Germanna Community College Access Policy found in the Appendix section of this catalog.

Service Animals

This policy applies to students, employees, and the public who utilize Germanna Community College’s programs and services. It sets forth the College’s requirements for use of service animals by qualified individuals with a disability or disabilities for access to facilities and programs or as a reasonable accommodation in compliance with State and Federal legislation regarding persons with disabilities. It is the College’s intention to ensure that persons with disabilities who have a legitimate and/or documented basis for utilizing service animals on College premises are permitted to do so (as listed on the college web site). For additional information, please see the Service Animal Policy located in the Appendix or at

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