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See something say something

GCC PD See.Something.Say.Something

That’s the basic premise of this initiative at Germanna Community College aimed at further ensuring a safe college environment.

Many of us have seen signs and posters at train and at airport terminals encouraging citizens to notify law enforcement officials if they witness suspicious activity or observe unattended packages. The Germanna Community College Police Department adopted a similar campaign in the fall 2013 semester to enhance campus safety. And we still need you to be our extra eyes and ears.

While campus safety has always been a matter of highest priority for Germanna Community College, events like the tragedy at Virginia Tech University and the ongoing war on terror have given our college community—and our fellow colleges and universities across the country—a heightened appreciation of the need for campus security and public safety awareness.

The Germanna Community College Police Department wants you to have a safe and enjoyable college and work experience. Part of what keeps our campuses safe is the vigilance of the college community. The college community is encouraged to report criminal or suspicious activity, packages, persons etc. to the Germanna Community College Police Department for investigation.

Reporting persons may call the College Police emergency number directly by dialing ext. 2911 from any campus phone of (540) 727-2911 or by dialing our department’s non-emergency number

(540) 891-3079. If they prefer to remain anonymous, they can send an “Anonymous Report” via the Germanna Community College TIP’s reporting link located on the bottom of this page.

Persons are requested to report suspicious activity or persons even if they have doubts about the information or observations. It is much better for the college police department to investigate the matter and find that there is nothing wrong than for a crime to occur. Sometimes crimes can be prevented and offenders can be caught in the act because of quick-thinking community members just like you.

If you see anything that just doesn’t look or feel right to you, don’t be afraid to call the College Police Department at extension 2911 from any on-campus phone or (540) 727-2911 from an off campus or cellular phone. We also ask that members of the Germanna community program the college police department’s emergency number in their cellphones.

We’d like to remind everybody that each of us contributes to the safety of our college community and ask that if you see something, say something. Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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