Counseling Services

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Counseling Services provides a comprehensive program of support services to promote student access, retention, achievement, and personal and social skill development for all Germanna students.  Counseling is specifically tasked with assisting new and undecided students, and transient students. These services include new student assessment and academic placement, new student academic counseling and advising, retention intervention and support, career exploration, transfer planning, and assistance with credit for prior learning.

Academic Advising and Career Counseling

Academic and vocational plans, goals, and opportunities may be discussed and explored with a Counselor. Careful consideration is given to motivation, abilities, aptitudes and past achievements, when assisting a student to select a program. Appropriate assessment tools, inventories, and tests are available in Counseling Services.  By recommendation of a Counselor, tests are used as a resource tool in the counseling process. Inventories for determining career interests, for measuring study habits and attitudes, as well as educational ability levels are available.

For New Students

Counseling works with all new students to help them get started and settled at Germanna! We serve new students in a variety of ways.  Counseling assists new students who are:

  •  Students 18 years and older, and no longer in high school
  • Students under 18 years, who are still in high school seeking joint enrollment at GCC
  • Students transferring to Germanna from other colleges

Counselors help new and undecided students explore academic, career and transfer options and assists the student all the information needed to make the most educated decision. New students, with the guidance of a Counselor, will identify the appropriate academic pathway and then create an academic plan of appropriate courses for that pathway. Once the new student has declared his/her academic program, and foundations have been set, the goal is to connect them with the faculty advisor. Degree and program placed students are assigned a faculty advisor after the first semester, and the faculty advisor works with the student through to the completion and graduation.  Students are encouraged to return to the Counseling Office to speak about transfer, career or on personal matters; for all academic program matters students are directed to their faculty advisor.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is required for all new Germanna Community College students. Orientation provides new students with the essential information needed to get started and be a successful student.

Attend New Student Orientation

Student Development Courses

An SDV course is required in all degree programs and must be taken during a student’s first 16 credit hours. SDV 100 (College Success Skills) is designed to assist students in developing and practicing skills and strategies which promote a successful college experience. The course is developed by the counseling staff. Other SDV curriculum choices focus on career, personal, skilled leadership development and may be substituted for SDV 100.

For Undecided Students and Non-degree Seeking Students

Counselors are equipped to help undecided students sort through values, interests and skills in order to identify academic, career and transfer goals.  Undecided students are encouraged to come speak with a Counselor about exploring options and making academic, and career goals, which can assist in selecting the appropriate academic program of study at Germanna.

Transient students are assisted through Counseling Services, since these students are not program placed and do not have assigned faculty advisors at Germanna Community College.  Transient students are students who are seeking a degree at another college or university, but who wish to take an occasional course at Germanna with the intention of transferring that completed course back to their primary institution.  Transient students are expected to demonstrate that they meet the prerequisites of the courses they wish to enroll in at Germanna.

For more information, email or come visit us at the Counseling Services locations.

For Related High School Student Counseling Support

High School Career Coach Program

Virginia Community Colleges High School Career Coaches are community college employees who are based in local high schools to help high school students define their career aspirations and to recognize community college and other postsecondary programs, including apprenticeships and workforce training, that can help students achieve their educational and financial goals.

Germanna Community College’s Counseling Services provides six (6) high school career coaches for our local area. Career coaches serve as an extension and enhancement to the local high school Counseling Office career resources. Area high schools who have partnered with Germanna for the coach program are:

  • Caroline County High School
  • Culpeper County High School and Eastern View High School
  • James Monroe High School – Fredericksburg City
  • Madison County High School, Orange County High School
  • Spotsylvania High School.

For more information about Germanna’s High School Career Coach Program, contact Counseling Services at (540) 423 – 9123 or at

View Scholars Program Website

High School Joint Enrollment Program

High School Students seeking joint enrollment through the regular offerings at Germanna, rather than the courses offered during the school day at the area high school, should contact Counseling Services for assistance.  While the Joint Enrollment program is considered Dual Enrollment, Counseling Services assists with the processing of individual students who are not seeking to participate in the pre-arranged courses located at the high school.

View Dual Enrollment Website

Counseling Resources for Students


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Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success (SAILS).

SAILS is an early alert program of intervention for students identified as having academic difficulties early in the semester. The program provides feedback from instructors and advisors to help students investigate and implement student support services and other recommended actions that will help them succeed.

View SAILS: Early Alert Information

Power Studying

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How to Study more Effectively

Note: Hearing Impaired Students can view videos at the GCC Counseling Center.

Watch Power Studying Video

Mental Health Resources

Germanna Community College cares about you.  We understand that emotional and physical health influence whether a student is academically successful.  Although GCC does not provide mental health services, we do assist students with resources, and link them to appropriate referrals in the community.  Students can come in to see a Counselor at the Fredericksburg or Locust Grove campus for referrals, and/or can access the self-screening tool with the link, ULifeline.

ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential online resource site where college students can search for information on many different mental health topics. The ULifeline link offers education on learning the signs of many mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol misuse. The “self-evaluator” in this site, is the self-screening tool which allows a student to conduct a private personal assessment of his/her concerns and then directs the student on how to seek help.

ULifeline is a program created by the JED Foundation, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization with a mission to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults.

Visit ULifeLine Website

At-Risk For Students

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Learn to be an effective observer and listener. Your positive influence may help a fellow student in distress. Create a New Account in the Sign In (or sign-in with existing account) Use the enrollment key below Enrollment Key for Students: gcc423 “Launch” the training

Personal Counseling

Sometimes college students may be confronted with new and perplexing situations which create pressures and anxieties that require professional assistance. The counselors are trained to give individual help on a strictly confidential basis. Appropriate referrals are made when necessary.

Support Groups

The counselors provide group counseling experiences for students when there is interest and when this type of experience is considered beneficial. Contact the Counseling Center if you are interested in initiating and/or participating in a support group.

Career and Transfer Planning

Virginia Education Wizard

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Let the Wizard help you choose a career, get the information you need to pursue your career, find the college that is right for you, pay for college, transfer from a community college to a university, and get answers to your questions about your future.

Open Wizard

Related Support Services

Counseling Services works with College and local area resources to provide the best integrated support to Germanna Students

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