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Note: Not all courses are offered every semester. Consult the Class Schedule for courses being offered during a particular semester.

Specific Course Descriptions

Course Numbers

Courses numbered 01 through 09 are courses for developmental studies. The credits earned in these courses are not applicable toward associate degree programs; however, upon approval by the Vice- President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, some developmental courses may provide credit applicable to basic occupational diplomas or certificate programs. Courses numbered 10 through 99 are freshman courses for certificate programs. The credits earned in these courses are applicable toward certificate programs but are not applicable toward an associate degree. Courses numbered 100 through 199 are freshman courses applicable toward associate degrees and certificate programs. Courses numbered 200 through 299 are sophomore courses applicable toward associate degrees and certificate programs. Not all courses are applicable to all programs. If a course is not listed under a particular curriculum, students should consult their advisor or counselor to determine if it will count for degree credit. In general, a course may be taken for credit only two times.

Course Hours

The number of lecture hours in class each week (including lecture, seminar, discussion and online hours) and/or the number of laboratory hours in class each week (including laboratory, shop, supervised practice, and cooperative work experiences) is indicated for each course in the course description. Lecture and laboratory hours in class each week are also called “contact” hours because they represent time spent under the supervision of a faculty member. In addition to the contact hours as listed in the course description, students also must spend time on out-of-class assignments under their own direction. Usually each credit per course requires an average of three hours of out-of-class study each week.

Course Prerequisites/Co-Requisites

A prerequisite course serves to promote student success in the related course. When prerequisites are required before enrolling in a course, the prerequisites are identified in the course description. Courses in sequence (identified by numerals I, II, III, and/or IV) usually require the prior course or equivalent be completed before enrolling in the advanced course in the sequence. Exceptions can be made only upon the recommendation of the faculty member and approval by the appropriate Dean of Instruction. When co-requisites are required for a course, usually the co-requisites must be taken at the same time. The prerequisites or their equivalent must be completed satisfactorily before enrolling in a course unless special permission is obtained from the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Repeating A Course

A student is limited to two enrollments in the same credit course. Should a student need to enroll in the same credit course more than twice, the need must be properly documented on the current semester Registration Form or on the Registration Change Form and include the Dean of Instruction’s signature.