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Tuition is due and payable as you register each semester. Students are not permitted to attend classes or clinic if they have not registered prior to the beginning of the semester. This includes admission to clinic while screening for boards post graduation.


Textbooks will be available for purchase online from the Northern Virginia Community College Bookstore. Cost for the textbooks will vary each semester with the first semester costing the most.


Each student is required to purchase an instrument kit for use during clinical instruction and with patients. A kit will be purchased during both the first and second years. Students should anticipate approximately $1,500.00 for the first year kit and $1,500.00 for the second year kit.

Magnification Lenses:

Faculty and staff encourage the use of magnification lenses or “loupes” when providing patient care. The average cost of such lenses for students is approximately $800.00.


Two lab coats, white clinic shoes, crew socks, one name tag, two patches (NVCC Dental Hygiene Student) and two scrub suits are required for laboratory and clinical courses.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance coverage is required for students. Cost is approximately $50.00 per year.


Consumable/disposable supplies for patient treatment is provided by the College. Students may purchase any other adjunctive treatment aids for their patients if the program/College does not supply it. This cost will vary each semester and for each student.

Examination and Licensure Fees:

National Dental Hygiene Board Exam and a Regional Clinical Exam (Southern Regional Board Exam, Northern Regional Board Exam, Central Regional Board Exam or the Western Regional Board exam are required for licensure. The cost is approximately $165 – $750 per examination at the end of the course of study.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for dental hygiene students. It may be administered through GCC while taking general education courses. Once students have been accepted into the dental hygiene program and are taking dental hygiene courses, NVCC must administer the financial aid. Consortium agreements are available for students who are still taking general education courses concurrently with dental hygiene courses.

For further information see Jim Brunner in the Office of Financial Aid at GCC or contact Guy Gibbs at the NVCC Office of Financial Aid at the Annandale Campus.