Dual Enrollment

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So, what is Dual Enrollment exactly?

Dual Enrollment (DE) at Germanna Community College, provides qualified high school students with the opportunity to complete college level courses while still attending high school.  Courses completed as a dual enrollment student appear on both the student’s high school, and Germanna transcripts.

Only fully credentialed college faculty, either full or part-time, teach dual enrollment courses for Germanna.  The four year colleges and universities of the Commonwealth generally accept the credits earned through dual enrollment. However, we encourage students to check with the admissions office of schools to which they intend to transfer.

Here at Germanna there are four pathways for Dual Enrollment: Dual Enrollment at the High Schools, Joint Enrollment, Early College, and Career Certificate Programs.  Click on the tabs below for more information and to finds the steps to register.

Dual Enrollment
Joint Enrollment
Early College
Career Certificate

Dual Enrollment at the High Schools offers students the chance to takes classes at their respective high schools and earn concurrent college credits.  This pathway is limited by the availability of courses offered at respective high schools.

Steps for Dual Enrollment

Joint Enrollment is available to home-schooled students or, for students who wish to earn college credit in courses not available at their high school.  This pathway requires students to take classes at Germanna Community College, either in person or online.  The steps for joint enrollment are a little different than those of Dual Enrollment at the High School.

Steps for Joint Enrollment

Germanna Scholars Programs are structured programs in partnership with area high schools which, provide high school students the opportunity to complete an Associates Degree while concurrently completing the requirements for an advanced high school diploma.  These programs require a two year commitment and are only offered in partnership with a select number of high schools.

Participating School Systems

Career Certificate Programs

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

It is important for parents and students to understand that DE courses are challenging and require a significant amount of work.  The challenge and work required by DE courses at Germanna can provide important benefits though.  Studies show that students who acquire college credits while still in high school are more likely to continue their education beyond high school. Other benefits of dual enrollment at Germanna include:

  • An affordable, high quality education close to home.
  • Become familiar with college application and enrollment processes.
  • Taking classes from well qualified, college instructors.
  • Gain early exposure to the academic rigors of a college level course at your own high school.
  • Access to Germanna Community College student resources which can facilitate your academic success in college courses.
  • Earn college credit based on academic performance throughout the semester, instead of one test.
  • Achieving college credits that are transferable to all Virginia community colleges and most 4-year colleges and universities within the Commonwealth.

Research into the benefits is ever growing but, for a broad overview of the benefits the Community College Research Center of the Teachers College at Columbia University provides an excellent summary in an article entitled, What We Know About Dual Enrollment.

Interested or have more questions?

Join us for an information session about dual enrollment at one of our campuses, or contact the program coordinator:

Tim Konhaus, PhD
Coordinator of Dual Enrollment
Phone: (540) 423 – 9126

Information Sessions
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