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Germanna will be closed July 4th and 5th.

Steps for dual enrollment

Home school and high school students who plan on taking classes outside of the programmed high school day and at a Germanna facility are called, “Independent Dual Enrollment (IDE)” students. IDE students must submit all required documentation to a Germanna Counselor in Student Services for consideration each semester until the completion of high school.

The five steps for dual enrollment

Enrolling in dual enrollment coursework offered at local high schools is a five-step process. All prospective dual enrollment students must receive qualifying placement test scores in order to enroll in a dual enrollment course.  If there are questions about the process, please contact a high school guidance counselor.

Step 1

Discuss the high school’s dual enrollment offerings with a guidance counselor when considering junior and senior year courses.  Obtain permission from the high school to enroll in DE courses.

Step 2

Complete the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) online application by the high school’s deadline.

Students who have been enrolled in dual enrollment courses through Germanna within the last academic year may need to update their existing application.  Students who have dual enrolled in another VCCS college, or plan to dual enroll in two colleges, will need a separate application for each college.  Upon completing the application, students will receive a 7-digit student ID number, please write down for future reference.

Students under the age of 18

*Students who are under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the parent certification form in order to enroll in courses.  This form must be submitted to the dual enrollment liaison at the high school, who will then forward the form to Germanna Community College.

Step 3

Sign up to take the college placement test administered at a local high school, or submit qualifying SAT or ACT scores to the high school dual enrollment liaison.

Placement test requirements

*You are required to have your 7-digit student identification number, to take a placement test.

Step 4

Register for classes at the high school by the deadline.  Complete and submit the appropriate Germanna Community College registration form each semester.

Student responsibilities

*Meeting all of the requisite deadlines is the individual student’s responsibility.

Step 5

Submit the tuition payment to the high school by the deadline.  The high school will collect dual enrollment tuition at the beginning of each semester.  Check with the  high school for the dual enrollment tuition rate and payment due date.

Tuition deadline

*Students who do not submit tuition by the deadline may be dropped from their dual enrollment class(es).

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