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Jennifer Goonan Memorial Scholarship

jennifer goonan

Some students merely endure the jobs they must do to put themselves through college. They work hard, but their hearts are somewhere else.

Jennifer Goonan, who died tragically in a car crash hours before graduating from Germanna in May 2018, was always present in the moment, whatever she was doing, simply because her love for life and for humanity couldn’t be hidden.

She brought such joy to those jobs that she lightened the lives of those she served as a waitress.

Jennifer’s career goal was to care for animals as a veterinarian. But she loved helping people, too. And that always shined through, whether she was making others laugh in a communications class at Germanna or waiting tables to pay tuition.

Germanna staffer Anita Newhouse says that when Jennifer worked at Texas Roadhouse she “was one of our favorite waitresses for several years. Anytime we got her we were excited because she was friendly, bubbly, and just so sweet.”

Announcing the Jennifer Goonan Memorial Scholarship

With the blessing of Jennifer’s family, the Germanna Educational Foundation will honor her memory with a scholarship for students who are working in the food service industry as she did, regardless of career goals.

We ask for your support in endowing this scholarship, with the following criteria:

  1. For either a high school grad with a 2.5 GPA entering GCC, or an existing GCC student with a 2.5 GPA. Any major or course of study.
  2. Must be employed in the food service industry with a letter from employer at the start of each term.

Jennifer’s mother, Maureen Goonan, has agreed to walk at Germanna’s December commencement and receive both her own and her late daughter’s diplomas. The first scholarship recipient being introduced in the audience at commencement.

We hope all who dine out and have enjoyed the kind of service students like Jennifer provide will help us endow this scholarship in her memory. This scholarship will help food service workers like Jennifer who work so hard to complete their education. In addition to honoring Jennifer, this is a way to show appreciation for all students who work hard to get through school by making our dining experiences memorable.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please email or call (540) 423 – 9060.

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