About Facilities

Facilities Management effectively and efficiently provides maintenance services that support the faculty, staff, and students at Germanna Community College. Facilities oversees the day to day operations of maintenance, janitorial, safety, mail, grounds and special event set-ups.

Work Orders

Facilities utilizes a work order system called School Dude to receive maintenance, janitorial, safety, courier, grounds and special event set-up requests from other organizations within the Germanna Community College network. A work order (sometimes referred to as job order) may be for products and services.

To place a work order, please use our Maintenance Request Form.

Please contact Richard Beirne at (540) 423-9188 or rbeirne@germanna.edu with any questions.

Event Set-up Support

Events on campus are a part of our culture and occur frequently. When you need assistance setting up your event on campus, our Facilities Management staff is available to assist you. Our assistance includes furniture set up, such as tables and chairs, recycling containers, and possibly additional utilities set up such as additional electricity in special cases. We also assist with nonstandard sign installations for events and other similar requests.

Getting Help:

Simply fill out a Maintenance Request Form with all the appropriate information. If you have any questions on how we can assist please feel free to Contact Facilities.


  • Note that the time needed for set-up and tear-down of an event is dependent upon the size of the event therefore a one or two week notice is preferred.
  • Reserve the rooms as you normally would by using the “Reserve a Room” site on Germanna Central and kindly include the set up and clean up times.
  • Providing full detailed information regarding your event aids the Facilities Management staff in arranging set up and tear down activities during or outside of normal business hours.
  • Other scheduled activities may impact your event if not given enough notice.
  • A Walk-thru with a Facilities staff member may be beneficial depending on the complexity of the event.

Event Service Requests:

Please provide all relevant event details listed below, and any other information to be considered, within the Maintenance Request Form in order for the Facilities Management staff to successfully provide service for the event. Details include:

  • Name of Event
  • Actual Date of Event (if different than the set-up request date)
  • Start and End Times of Event
  • Specific location: include campus, building, floor, lobby and room number
  • When is the last occupant in the room (the earliest day and time set-up can be completed)?
  • Service requested (preparation, set-up, clean-up)
  • What time is the next occupant in the room (deadline for clearing the event space set-up)?
  • Is equipment needed? Tables (size and quantity) & chairs (quantity).
  • Where do you want items positioned?
  • If we need to relocate existing furniture where do we put it?
  • Your contact name, Title, Department, Email and Telephone number.
  • Additional Information
  • Please attach any diagrams to the work order if possible.

Upon receipt of the Event Set-up Work Order, a Facilities staff member will reply with any questions or points of clarification.


Are you moving office locations? Do you need something moved? We also provide assistance in this effort.


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