• Why I have not been awarded financial aid yet?

    Why I have not been awarded financial aid yet?

    These are some of the most common reasons why you may have not received your offer of financial aid.

    You have not completed the items on your to do list on myGCC.  Navigate to VCCS SIS > Student Center > to do list (right side of page) and click on details.

    You did not list Germanna’s school code (008660) when you completed your FAFSA.  You can return to the FAFSA on the web by visiting You can make corrections and add Germanna’s school code. Within 3-5 business days, you should see that your FAFSA has been received on your Student Center to do list.

    You or your parents may have forgotten to sign your FAFSA form (paper or web-based).  With your FSA ID you can sign electronically at  More information about the FSA ID is available at

    You may have a hold on your account.  Students must resolve any holds before receiving an offer of financial aid.  Navigate to VCCS SIS > self service > Student Center  > holds. When it is resolved, please call us at (540) 891 – 3081.

    The college Financial Aid office has not had enough time to determine your eligibility.  This may take a few weeks during peak processing times (March-October for the fall and spring semesters and April-June for summer terms).We award frequently, so make sure we have everything we need to complete your award.

  • Can I enroll without an award?

    Can I enroll without an award?

    You can enroll without an award if you are able to make full payment on your own.  If you pay in full and receive an award later, any additional or remaining funds will be mailed to the address on file with the college.

    The refund process cannot begin until after the last day to drop with a refund for the longest term.   If you are unable to pay on your own, you should continue to check myGCC daily for updates to your award status.

    Once you have been awarded, you may enroll and have financial aid hold your classes.  You may also purchase books and supplies at the campus bookstore during the bookstore charge authorization period, providing that you have funds in excess of your tuition and fees. The college participates in an installment payment plan which allows you to spread out your payments over several months.

    You may wish to consider this option if you applied late or didn’t receive enough financial aid to cover your expenses.

    More information is available online on the paying for college page under automatic payment plans.

  • How can I check my application and award status online?

    How can I check my application and award status online?

    1. Log in to myGCC. If you don’t know your username, click the look up your username link and enter your name, birth date and social security number.  Your ID and username will be returned.
    2. Return to the myGCC and enter your ID in the user id box and use your birth date (MMDDYY) as the password. After logging in to myGCC, verify that your User Preferences have been set up.
    3. Click:   SIS VCCS>Student Center>user preferences.   Set the preferences: Institution: (GCC) – Academic Career (credit)– Term ((Fall, Spring , Summer).
    4. Navigate to Navigate to VCCS SIS > Student Center > to do list. Check the to do list. If any documents are required, submit them to the campus financial aid office.
  • When will I receive my award?

    When will I receive my award?

    Once you have sent in all of the items on your To Do List, your application will be evaluated. Applications must be reviewed and sometimes corrections must be made on your behalf.

    It may take up to 14 days to correct your application and receive the new results. Allow four to six weeks for an award to be offered.

    If you qualify, your award will be posted to myGCC.

    To see your award: Navigate to VCCS SIS > Student Center > view financial aid.

    When you have an award, you may enroll in classes and your anticipated financial aid will hold your classes. You will not need to make a payment if your financial aid is equal to or greater than the cost for tuition and fees.

    If your awards are less than tuition and fee charges, you must pay the difference. Remember, you must drop any classes that you do not want before the tuition refund deadline or you will be held responsible for those charges. If you have not received an award one month before the first day of classes, you should be prepared to make other payment arrangements.

    If you receive an award at a later date, you will receive your financial aid as a refund after classes begin.

  • When will I receive my award?

    What do I need to know about award adjustments disbursements, and refunds?

    Anticipated awards are usually based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted to your actual, confirmed enrollment. Faq’s, Financial Aid | GermannaCC

    Depending on the type of aid you are awarded, some will require you to be a minimum number of credits, such as the Commonwealth Grant and Direct Loan, while others, such as the Pell grant, give you a larger award the greater number of credits for which you enroll.  Here is how Germanna defines enrollment statuses:

    Full-time 12 or more credits
    Three-quarter time 9-11 credits
    Half-time 6-8 credits
    Less than half-time 1-5 credits

    Students with a financial aid award and who register in person or over the web should check myGCC and verify that a financial aid award is displayed for the term of registration. Students who have a financial aid award displayed on myGCC only need to register for classes and the classes will be held by the financial aid award, as long as the aid exceeds tuition and fees.

    Review your financial aid and tuition and fees

    1. Click on VCCS SIS: Student Information System
    2. Click on Student Center
    3. Click on account inquiry
    4. Click on pending aid
    5. Click box that says ‘click here to see pending financial aid based on actual enrollment’ (available through the longest session of each semester’s last day to drop a class to qualify for a refund)

    No payment is required at the time of registration unless you owe tuition and fees which exceed your financial aid awards. Financial aid awards will be adjusted at the end of the add/drop period (after the last day to drop with a refund for the longest term).

    Students who no longer have enough financial aid to cover tuition and fees will be notified to contact the Business Office for payment. If you decide not to attend after you have registered you must drop the class(es) to avoid charges.  If you do not have sufficient financial aid to cover your tuition costs you must pay the difference prior to the start of classes

    A “positive term balance” means that you owe money. We have several ways for you to pay the remaining balance.

    If there is a remaining balance, a check for the refund amount may be issued to you. It is important that you maintain a current, accurate mail address in myGCC. Your refund will be issued via the option you select.

    Remember, if you have a hold on your account, your refund will not be issued until the hold is resolved.