Bookstore and Aid

How do I use financial aid to pay for bookstore purchases?

Some students have enough money remaining from grant, loan and scholarship funds (after tuition and fees are paid) to charge books and supplies, and some do not.

If you are trying to charge books to your financial aid, keep the following in mind:

  • The period that students may charge books for each semester is limited and changes each semester.
  • The amount you will have to charge is based on how many classes you are currently enrolled in.  Available aid will depend on your enrollment level of financial aid eligible classes.
  • There is a $1,500 maximum charging limit (per semester).
  • Book and supply charges should be limited to necessities.  Only books and materials for classes required for your degree and/or certificate are allowed to be charged.
  • Students not meeting satisfactory academic progress standards may not charge books to their financial aid.
  • Please log in to your myGCC Student Account and verify that you have enough aid to charge books before going to the bookstore.

Students must

  • Complete the Bookstore Authorization checklist item in their Student Center To Do List
  • Notify the cashier at the bookstore that they are using financial aid to pay for bookstore charges
  • Come prepared with their schedule and a valid photo ID

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Financial aid account dates

For the Fall 2019 semester, the dates financial aid accounts are available at the bookstore are August 12 – September 24, so please be sure to get your required books and supplies by this deadline, even if your classes begin after September 24.  Online orders end September 17.

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