Financial Aid Course Audit

You now have information about financial aid eligibility for each class shortly after you register.  Our hope is that by providing you this information you will be able to better plan your academic career, select courses that apply to your program of study, and complete your degree or certificate in a more timely fashion.

Here is some helpful information for you:


  • Federal regulations have always dictated that students may only receive financial aid for courses that apply toward their degree or certificate program.  This is not a new rule – we just have a new tool to help you be better informed about your course selections.
  • You will be able to view the eligibility of your courses shortly after you enroll by logging into the Student Center of our Student Information System.
  • Additionally, you will receive messages in your Student Center that identify courses that are not eligible for aid.
  • If you choose to remain enrolled in an ineligible course you will be responsible for paying the associated tuition, fees, and book expenses regardless of whether you are receiving aid for eligible courses or not.

What you should do

  • Be proactive.  If you need to change your major to reflect the courses you are pursuing, do so immediately by contacting the Welcome Center, at your nearest Germanna location.
  • Register for courses that apply to the program(s) you have chosen to maximize your award and achieve your goals sooner.
    • If you have a documented reason as to why the class is required for your program of study, please see the Welcome Center at your nearest location to inquire about a course exception form.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about your financial aid eligibility at (855) 874 – 6681 or,
  • If you choose to take ineligible courses, you must pay for those courses at a campus cashier office or on-line through Quikpay.