Germanna Scholars program

The Germanna Scholars program is part of the broader dual enrollment program. Under this program students enroll in a structured, predesigned, college curriculum which, leads to an Associates Degree in General Studies. The structured curriculum is designed to offer the greatest degree of transferability to four-year colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia.* Because the end result of coursework in this program is an Associates Degree, Germanna Scholars are both full-time college and high school students. Germanna is currently partnered with two school systems, the Culpeper County and Madison County Public Schools, to offer the Germanna scholars program.

*Students are encouraged to check with the appropriate admissions offices at the college or university of their choosing to determine the transferability of courses from the Germanna Scholars program.


Applying to the Germanna Scholars program is a five-step process. All prospective Scholars must complete an online Virginia Community College System (VCCS) application and sign up to take the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) or submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores. If you have questions about the process, your first point of contact is your high school guidance counselor.

Step 1

Prior to your junior year of high school, discuss the Germanna scholars program with your school counselor. They are an excellent resource and are knowledgeable about your high school graduation requirements as well as the Germanna scholars program.

Step 2

Complete the online application by your high school’s deadline.

*Students who are under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the parent certification form in order to enroll in courses. This form must be submitted to the dual enrollment liaison at the high school, who will then forward the form to Germanna.

Step 3

Sign up to take the college placement test administered at your high school, or submit qualifying SAT or ACT scores to your high school counselor.

*You are required to have your 7-digit Germanna student identification number, to take a placement test. Upon completing the Germanna application for admission, you will receive a student ID number. Please write down that number after completing the application for admission.

Step 4

Complete the Germanna Scholars application packet and return it to your school Counselor by the application deadline.

*Meeting all of the requisite deadlines is the individual student’s responsibility.

Step 5

Attend the Germanna Scholars student orientation program.

Frequently asked questions

  • Benefits


    Like our other dual enrollment offerings, the Germanna Scholars program is academically rigorous. The program differs is in the quantity of the coursework, and the structured curriculum plan.  Depending upon the high school, the coursework necessary to obtain an associates degree can be taken at the high schools, at GCC, or a combination of both.  While many of the benefits of dual enrollment remain in the Germanna Scholars program, there are some added benefits of this program:

    • Exposure to college classes on a college campus.
    • An earned college degree, upon completion of the program.

    Did you know?

    Upon completion of the program, Germanna Scholars are eligible to receive a Governor’s Medallion.

  • Requirements


    The Germanna Scholars program is an academically challenging program.  As such, if you are considering applying for the program there are some very important considerations you should take into account.  Please take some time to read over and familiarize yourself with the Germanna Scholars handbook.  This program requires a tremendous amount of work, support, and commitment on the part of each student, their parents/guardians, Culpeper County Schools, and Germanna Community College to ensure student success.

    • Must be rising juniors at Culpeper County High School or Eastern View High School;
    • Be pursuing an advanced studies diploma;
    • Must have completed Algebra II or higher by the end of their sophomore year;
    • Must be on track to have earned 5 verified credits by the end of sophomore year (transfer students will be evaluated independently by school counselor);
    • Must be in good academic standing which is defined as a “B” average or better cumulative (Unweighted 2.7 GPA);
    • Must have excellent school attendance;
    • Meet or exceed the qualifying placement scores, on the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), or submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores for review, to your high school counselor.
  • Financial assistance

    Financial assistance

    Thanks to the generous financial support of individuals in the local Culpeper Community students may be eligible for a reduction in tuition or free tuition based on need.  Parents need to provide documentation from their approved free or reduced lunch application letter.  This information can be obtained from the Culpeper County Public Schools Food Services offices.  The school system cannot access this information without parent permission.

    Unfortunately, high school students are not currently eligible for federal financial aid to assist in the costs associated with college classes.

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