About the Program

The Germanna Scholars Program at Germanna Community College (GCC) is part of the broader dual enrollment program.

  • Under this program students enroll in a structured, pre-designed, college curriculum which, leads to an Associates Degree in General Studies.
  • The structured curriculum is designed to offer the greatest degree of transferability to four-year colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia.*
  • Because the end result of coursework in this program is an Associates Degree, Germanna Scholars are both full-time college and high school students.
  • GCC is currently partnered with two school systems, the Culpeper County and Madison County Public Schools, to offer the Germanna Scholars Program.

*Students are encouraged to check with the appropriate admissions offices at the college or university of their choosing to determine the transferability of courses from the Germanna Scholars Program.

Buzz Aldrin Visits Germanna Scholars Program Students

Program Benefits

Like our other dual enrollment offerings, the Germanna Scholars Program is academically rigorous. The Scholars Program differs is in the quantity of the coursework, and the structured curriculum plan.  Depending upon the high school, the coursework necessary to obtain an Associates Degree can be taken at the high schools, at GCC, or a combination of both.  While many of the Benefits of Dual Enrollment remain in the Germanna Scholars Program, there are some added benefits of this program:

  • Exposure to college classes on a college campus.
  • An earned college degree, upon completion of the program.

Did you Know?

Upon completion of the program, Germanna Scholars are eligible to receive a Governor’s Medallion.