Gladys P Todd Academy

Gladys P Todd Academy

The Germanna Gladys P. Todd Academy program is designed for underserved high school students in the City of Fredericksburg and the county of Spotsylvania to increase college preparation and completion at least through an associate degree at Germanna Community College, concurrent with a high school diploma.

The program will also provide support for selected middle school students to succeed in their precollege performance in middle and high schools through mentoring, coaching, and academic and cultural enrichment activities.

Underserved student populations as defined for this program include first-generation college students with financial need. Tuition, fees, books and program costs will be supported by the Sunshine Lady Foundation and the Germanna Community College Foundation along with community partners. Volunteers will be solicited to serve as mentors, coaches, and chaperones.
gladys todd academy

Gladys P. Todd Academy Highlights

This proposal design for the Germanna Gladys P. Todd Academy will include the following highlights:

  • An annual cohort of up to 25 students from James Monroe High and Spotsylvania High School will study for an associate degree in general studies at the Fredericksburg Area Campus at Germanna Community College, concurrent with their study for an advanced diploma in high school, designed to prepare high school students for college
  • Participating students will work with mentors and coaches to be academically prepared and remain on track for completion of the associate degree
  • Academic support will include access to tutoring services, summer bridge programs, service learning, reading and writing workshops, communications workshops, and career advising
  • Cultural enrichment activities will include field trips, university visits, career advising with emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), community service, and selected cultural events
  • Parent workshops
  • Financial support for tuition, fees, and books for eligible students
  • Service learning projects in the local communities
  • Customized program blazers and T-shirts
  • Mentoring and academic and cultural enrichment for middle school and high school potential candidates

Germanna has already successfully launched an early college program for a cohort of 25 students in Culpeper County, supported by generous donor contributions from the community. This program is open to all students but provides a full scholarship for up to five students. No similar program exists in the City of Fredericksburg or other counties in Germanna’s service region.

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