Spring classes start January 13

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Apply for Gladys P. Todd Academy

Eligibility & criteria for Early College Admission

  • Must be rising juniors at Spotsylvania High School or James Monroe High School;
  • Be pursuing an Advanced Studies Diploma;
  • Must be either a first generation college student or, have demonstrated financial need to attend college (Priority will be given to students who satisfy both criteria);
  • Must have completed Algebra II or higher by the end of their sophomore year;
  • Must be on track to have earned 5 verified credits by the end of sophomore year (transfer students will be evaluated independently by school counselor);
  • Must be in good academic standing which is defined as a “B” average or better cumulative (Unweighted 2.7 GPA);
  • Must be in good disciplinary standing at their home high school;
  • Must have excellent school attendance;
  • Meet or exceed the qualifying placement scores on the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), or submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores for review, to your high school counselor;
  • Must submit high school transcripts;
  • Must obtain and submit, a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher;
  • Must submit an essay, “Why the Gladys P. Todd Academy is Important to My Educational Goals.”
  • Requirements


    Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County public schools Early College pathway

    Associate of Arts & Science Degree in General Studies concurrent with high school graduation:

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    Important information for participating students

    You must discuss the Gladys P. Todd Academy with your high school counselor prior to testing and application process.

    The use of a computer and access to the Internet is essential for successful completion of the program.

    The Gladys P. Todd Academy offers college level courses. The work-load is more demanding than similarly titled high school courses.

    All students must maintain a minimum of a C in each class in order to continue in the program.  Failure to earn a C will result in academic dismissal from the Early College Program.  Likewise, depending upon the course, failure to earn a C could negatively impact a student’s progress toward their high school diploma.

    In order to meet high school graduation requirements and to comply with state law, students are required to take the End of Course SOL assessment for courses that have an associated SOL. Examples: English 11 Reading and Writing SOLs, VA/U.S. History SOL.

    The pathway is a two-year commitment. No partial enrollment will be permitted. Courses will be taken at the Fredericksburg campus of Germanna first and second blocks.

    Students will be awarded college and high school credit for the following courses for approved dual enrollment courses. All other courses taken as part of the Academy program will only appear and be awarded credit on the GCC transcript.

    Schedules at the base schools may be limited in order to meet graduation requirements and/or due to course availability during third and fourth block.

    Students must sign a FERPA Release Form to release information between Germanna, the school district and with parents/guardians of participating students.

    Students will follow the academic calendar and be required to attend their base school for school counseling, remediation, special programs and high school required assessments.

    Germanna may be open on days when the school district is closed. Measures will be in place to accommodate any such occurrences. (For example: assignments made available on BlackBoard.)

    Students graduating from the Gladys P. Todd Academy will also be required to participate in a general education outcomes assessment during their last semester.

    In addition to the course requirements, students must fulfill all Germanna graduation requirements.

    Students should also ensure that they are meeting all their high school requirements for graduation. See your High School Guidance Department for requirements.

    Students are expected to understand and adhere to all applicable Germanna policies.

    Germanna and locations associated with participation in the Gladys P. Todd Academy are considered to be extensions of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Public Schools. Students must follow all rules and expectations established at their base schools and within their district’s Code of Conduct.

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Application packages

Please download and complete the following documents to complete the application package. Submit the completed application packages to either your school guidance counselor or email them to: dwilliams@germmana.edu

*GPTA applicants will need to complete the Germanna online application to receive a student ID. The student ID will be required to take the Virginia Placement Test.