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Germanna will be closed Monday, Jan. 21 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Grant support

Germanna is fortunate to have many external funding organizations provide grant support to help the college achieve its important educational mission.  We sincerely appreciate the important investments that grant-making organizations make to help our students succeed.

Grant funds

Grant funds are used to support scholarships; building projects; workforce development programs; new academic programs; student success initiatives; library resources; equipment; as well as for many other types of projects.

These pages provide information concerning

  • Upcoming grant deadlines
  • Resources to help faculty and staff identify appropriate grant opportunities
  • Examples of recent grant-funded projects
  • Strategies for effective grantsmanship
  • Procedures to follow when applying for a grant
  • Contact information for staff available to assist you in preparing your grant application and implementing your grant

Thank you to those organizations that have provided grant resources.  We look forward to building upon our relationships with private and public grant funding organizations and are actively soliciting new partnerships to support innovative initiatives.

Important information about grants

  • Best practices

    Best practices

    • Carefully follow application guidelines
    • Allow time for collecting information, multiple edits, careful proofreading, budget revisions, approval process, and document submittal
    • Grant reviewers value clarity, details, and brevity
    • Involve appropriate Academic Dean/Department Chair/Vice President and Grants Coordinator early in the process
    • If the proposal is rejected – revise your proposal and submit during the next grant cycle or identify another funding source
    • Remember a very small grant can lead to something larger with the same funder or with another funder
    • Seek collaborations
    • Deadlines are not negotiable
  • Post award considerations

    Post-award considerations

    • Setting up grant account
    • Record keeping
    • Following grantee guidelines for expenditures
    • Making requests to change grant terms
    • Meeting reporting requirements
    • Preparing for an audit
    • Contact Pamela Henry (
  • Grant funded projects

    Grant funded projects

    Sunshine Lady Foundation

    Early college program for students from underrepresented backgrounds

    Achieving the Dream

    Open Educational Resources

    VCCS Workforce Credential Grant

    Supporting students earning workforce certificates and certifications; Virginia Educational Center for Asphalt Technology; Fredericksburg Advanced Manufacturing Center

    City of Fredericksburg/Economic Development Authority

    Fredericksburg Center for Advanced Technology

    U.S. Department of Education Perkins Grant

    Supporting career and technical education programs

    U.S. Department of Education

    Pell Grant Dual Enrollment Experimental Sites Initiative

    Governor’s Competition for Talent Solutions/Virginia Asphalt Association

    Workforce training program for Virginia asphalt industry)

    U.S. Dept. of Labor (Nat. Emergency Grant

    Adult Career Coaches, On-Ramp

    U.S. Dept. of Labor

    Virginia Veterans Demonstration Project (mentoring program and expanding advanced standing credit for prior work experience)

    Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

    Project Entitled: Paving the Way to Completion: Using Meta-Majors to Streamline the Path to Student Success

    Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region: Women and Girls Fund

    Relationship Violence Prevention Project

    Stafford Ruritan Club

    Dental Assisting Project

    Anonymous Foundation

    Contemporary Literary Criticism Electronic Collection

    Micron Foundation

    Support for Engineering Program

    Dominion Foundation

    Career and Transfer Center Enhancements

    National Science Foundation (sub-grant from Trinity College)

    Mobile Computer Science Principles Professional Development for Educators

    Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region: Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund

    Fitness and Nature Trail Fredericksburg Area Campus

    Northern Piedmont Community Foundation

    Culpeper Schools Drone Project

    Virginia Community College System (VCCS)

    Incentive Credential Funding; Employer Incentive Funding; Institute of Excellence

    VCCS/William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

    Open Educational Resources (Zx23 Project)

    U.S. Department of Justice/Virginia Office of the Attorney General

    Police SUV and Emergency Equipment

    Cage Library Trust

    Library Materials

    VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grants

  • Grant account assistance

    Grant account assistance

    Before an award:

    • Provides budget assistance.
    • Review numbers
    • Review line items
    • Review payroll calculations

    After an award:

    • Monitors and tracks all grant expenditures.
    • Compiles monthly fiscal reports.
    • Submits for reimbursement of grant funds.
    • Ensures fiscal compliance with the MOU.
    • Maintains file and provides fiscal support for audits.
  • Funding source resources

    Funding source resources

    Additional potential sources of funding

    • Disciplinary Associations
    • Local and Regional Foundations
    • Collaborations with other colleges and nonprofit organizations
  • Grants clearing process - submitting proposals

    Grants clearing process – submitting proposals

    Before a proposal can be submitted it must be reviewed and approved by the following offices:

    • Department Dean and Department Chair
    • Grants Coordinator and Vice President of Institutional Advancement
    • Business Office (and IT, Facilities, Procurement representatives if the proposal will have IT or Facilities or purchasing implications)
    • VP for Academic Affairs and Student Services
    • President
    • Before submitting the proposal to VP for Academic Affairs and President,  the other offices should have already reviewed and approved the proposal
    • The Grants Coordinator is available to facilitate the Grant Approval Process
  • Grants coordinator assistance

    Grants coordinator assistance

    • Helping interpret grant funding opportunity guidelines
    • Proposal editing
    • College background information for proposals
    • Coordinating grant writing team for College-wide proposals
    • Budget preparation assistance
    • Facilitating grants clearance
    • Identifying potential grant opportunities
    • Submitting final proposals for college-wide initiatives
    • Reviewing VCCS applications prior to submission
    • Coordinating grant “Kick-Off” meeting for newly funded projects
    • Writing case statements for college-wide campaigns and sponsorship requests
    • Grant report assistance

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